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Hong Kong Protests Continue Despite Countless Arrests

Peyton Gouzien | @PGouzien

In response to recent protests in Hong Kong, Police have arrested several protesters. This comes after both the local government and the government in Beijing condemned the young protesters who stormed the legislature. Despite countless arrests, protests continue. Officials in the local government worry that the arrests could cause the protests to grow more violent.

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The Generation Of Quit

By Andrew Sission | United States

I want you to think for a moment about the generation currently in college. What comes to mind for you? For me it is riots, and temper tantrums across campuses, claiming tolerance of all ideas but rejecting the ones that they don’t agree with. This generation has been given several names, most popularly the snowflake generation. I, however, prefer to call it the generation of quit.

Let me say that this doesn’t apply to everyone in this generation, there are exceptions to every rule, and I certainly hope that you the reader are one. The only thing that I ask of you when you are reading this is that you are honest with yourself.

Let’s start with the sheer hypocrisy. A generation that claims to be tolerant of all ideas seems to only be tolerant of its own ideas. If you don’t believe me, then why do campuses have to spend countless thousands of dollars on security when a remotely conservative speaker comes to campus. That doesn’t sound tolerant at all to me.

Another thing that I have noticed is the willingness to quit when things get tough. This is a two fault problem with one fault going to the parents and the other to the individual. It’s the parent’s job to instill morals in their child, one of the most important of those being drive and willingness to keep going when the going gets tough. Despite this, there is only so far that parents can go. At some point, the child has to take initiative on their own. There has to be a determination to persevere and to take challenges head-on. This isn’t there in most college-age adults. In all honesty, it’s easier to give up and peruse degrees that are not challenging because hard work is hard. Think about it, why is there a shortage of people wanting to enter the medical field right now, it’s hard to peruse.

It’s time for this generation to accept some accountability. Welcome to the real world, people don’t always agree with you and you cannot throw a fit when that happens. It’s time for parents to start to reinstall morals in their children, and it’s time for children to take responsibility for themselves. The world doesn’t come with safe zones, sometimes you just have to buck up and take what is thrown at you. The world isn’t kind most of the time, you have to learn to deal with it.

Image from Odyssey.

Hug a Nazi

By Mason Mohon | FLORIDA

On Thursday, white supremacist Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida. Riots ensued, and members of anti-racist, Antifa, and other groups went to the streets, as is expected in modern America when bigoted people are given a platform for speaking.

Florida governor Rick Scott expected nothing less, so he declared a state of emergency in Florida the Monday prior to the event. At first, I saw this as a bit of a joke. A man coming to speak is met with the same action as a long string of hurricanes, but the joke of the matter died off as soon as the fighting began.

I usually pay these riots little mind. The best way to solve conflicts of politics is not violence, but rather they should be solved through peace. For a while, the anti-Trump crowd took up the mantra “love trumps hate”. This idea of responding to what they see as bigotry with peace and love is a noble one, but it is not a response they stuck to. The left has taken up a less peaceful, and a more ignorant, violent mantra: “punch a Nazi”.


The same ideological camp that had been mature enough to respond with kindness has now bent to the side of violence. This, along with the virtue signaling of the far-right through the idea of Pinochetian “physical removal” is not going to get anyone anywhere positive. The only result has been increased political division and hatred coming from all sides of the political spectrum.

So what is the alternative?

I don’t have to come up with one because someone already made one. The alternative method is to hug a Nazi. A man named Aaron Alex Courtney decided to do something bizarre in the midst of the recent riots. He approached a white supremacist, asking him why he was so filled with hatred. When the white supremacist refused to respond, he did the unimaginable. He hugged him.

Courtney asked once again, with the hateful man in his embrace, “why do you hate me?”

“I don’t know.” Was the response.

And that is the best response. There is little to no actual reason to hate other races simply for the sake of them having a different skin color. Racial nationalists join these groups because they want to feel special for something they took no part in accomplishing. So when racial nationalists are faced with the question of why there is no sensible answer.

Nobody wants to join the ideology of a jerk, so showing kindness to people of other political camps is going to make a much more serious difference then resorting immediately to threats of combat.

So don’t punch a Nazi. Hug one, and while you’re at it, hug a leftist too.