LIVE: Moore Camp Challenges the Early Calling of Senate Election; Calling on AL Secretary of State for More Information

By Benjamin Lemley|ALABAMA

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BREAKING: John Merrill announces .5% figure is wrong. Says the actual margin is 1%… More to come

Tonight Doug Jones was predicted to have beaten Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate Special Election. With news outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, and even us here at 71 Republic (the first to call the race) confirming such.

At around 11:30 EST, the Chairman of the Roy Moore for Senate Campaign, Bill Armistead, came forward saying that “under the law, we need to wait for a recount.” Armistead followed up by stating that if the margin between Jones and Moore is under 0.5%, then there must be a mandatory recount. Armistead then called on the media to go to the Alabama Secretary of State later tonight to learn more details.

While Moore and his campaign asserts that a recount is a definite possibility, a mandatory one is not likely to happen. The Alabama Secretary of State tells us that until we are able to count the military ballots and write-ins, nothing can be determined. With all this is mind, almost every possibility is up in the air.

Information is limited at the moment, which means that we will be updating this post throughout the night to keep you, the viewer, informed.

Update (12:16 EST):

We can now confirm that the Alabama Secretary of State has said that a change in outcome of the election based on recount is “Very unlikely” despite claims made by Moore campaign chairmen.

Update (12:31 EST):

CNN has reported that under state law in Alabama the Governor has between December 26 to January 3 to certify election results or to announce a forced recount if votes are found to be within the .5% margin. The option of a payed recount is also on the table.

Update (01:09 EST):

Moore campaign silent on social media and otherwise since the address from campaign chairmen earlier tonight.

Update (07:40 EST):

This morning CNN is reporting that Jones holds a steady 1.5% lead.

Update (08:10 EST):

John Merrill has gone on record saying that he voted Moore.


Last Updated: 08:10 AM EST

Alabama Senate Election: LIVE Coverage


10:15 PM EST: 71 Republic can now officially call the Alabama Senate Special Election for Democrat Doug Jones. He will join Republican Richard Shelby, as one of two Senators from Alabama. This Election has been a close one, and it should be interesting to see how this will change the 2018 Midterm outlook. Copy of Sky News.png

10:05 PM EST: Roughly 80% of all precincts in Alabama have reported. With that being said, Jones has won Chambers, Lee, Russell, and Barbour Counties, which was expected. Additionally, Jones and has flipped Lee County, which essentially gives Doug Jones the entirety of the eastern Black Belt. Jones is also overperforming in Madison County.

9:53 PM EST: Lee County, which is one of Alabama’s largest population centers (Home of Auburn University), has gone for Doug Jones. This is also a Democratic pickup. Jones overperformed Moore’s 2012 opponent Robert Vance by 9% here. Madison County, with roughly 60% of its precincts in, shows Jones overperforming by 4.5%. This Election is leaning in Jones’ favor at the moment, although nothing is certain.

9:45 PM EST: Talladega County, which was won by Roy Moore in his 2012 Chief Justice Referendum, has flipped Democrat. In addition, in the “Black Belt,” where the majority of Alabama’s African American population live, Jones is overperforming by roughly 2%. It appears as if Jones has capitalized on the African American vote. This Election is very tight, with Moore and Jones both over and underperforming their expected totals.

9:33 PM EST: The Election seems to have tipped back slightly in Roy Moore’s favor, as Monroe, Clarke, and Butler Counties all seem to have Doug Jones leading. This Election is too close to call, and we will know more once the heavy population centers of the state begin to report more results.

9:27 PM EST: Although Jones continues to trail, his outlook continues to improve. He is outperforming Roy Moore’s 2012 election opponent in even more counties, including Morgan and Colbert counties.

9:15 PM EST: Jones’s momentum is continuing. Rural counties that border the “black belt” are seeing more votes overall for Doug Jones than other comparable Democrats. Jones is currently the favorite to win the seat.

9:09 PM EST: With about 25% of precincts reporting, Doug Jones is showing extreme promise despite currently losing by around 5%, Jones is outperforming comparable Democrats in the key counties of Lauderdale, Lee and Talladega counties.

8:53 PM EST: Roy Moore has taken the lead over Doug Jones, maintaining a lead of around 7-8%. Many Doug Jones counties have very few precincts reporting, which could be indicator of his steep drop in performance.

8:48 PM EST: The race has tightened to with Moore coming within 1% of Jones. Although only under 75,000 votes have been tallied, all metrics are indicating that this race should remain close throughout the night.

8:27 PM EST: Despite early results showing a lead for Doug Jones, this is by no means an indication of any sort of final result. The small lead that Doug Jones has built up only numbers about 1000, however, it is an early sign of promise for Jones supporters hoping to see their candidate prevail in tonight’s election

8:06 PM EST: The key counties for tonight’s race are Madison County, Tuscaloosa County, and Mobile County. These counties all have a population over 50,000 and voted against Roy Moore in the 2012 chief justice race, but voted for Trump in the 2016 election. If Roy Moore struggles to hold leads in these counties, it is an indication that tonight’s race will be very close.

7:55 PM EST: Results for the Alabama Senate special election are expected to be tight. With polls closing in just 5 minutes, most analysts are predicting a slim victory for Roy Moore. Polls all week have predicted a slim margin of victory for Moore, however, a Fox News poll that came out yesterday showed a 10 point lead in favor of Doug Jones. With exit polling data being inconclusive so far, it is anyone’s guess who will come out on top in this highly charged election.

3 Congressmen of Both Parties Exposed as Sexual Assailants

By Harrison Lavelle | USA

Just days ago, three congressmen have been smashed into the fire that is Sexual Assault Allegations. The first to go was Rep. Joe Barton (R-OR) after a female staffer, encouraged by the fierce allegations against candidates and actors, came out saying that Barton had threatened her and would “make her life worse” if she leaked his secret sex life. Nonetheless, the Republican Representative from Oregon has announced, quite comically, that he has no intentions of retracting his bid for re-election in the 2018 midterms now only 11 months away. Rep. Barton is already being investigated by the House Ethics Committee. However, Barton’s case is far from the worst.

Al Franken (D-MN), a Class II senator from Minnesota, who was re-elected in 2014 quite handily over Mike McFadden (after his narrow win to a first term by less than 300 votes in 2008) was exposed, after an actor who starred with him in a comedy act, that toured the world before he was elected to the US Senate, accused him of sexual assault. The female actor in question released a photo of Al Franken supposedly touching her clothed breasts during a hug in the stand-up comedy act, after that she said that Franken often touched her uncontrollably, and exhibited random kisses and hugs that she was not ready to accept. Franken admitted that he was a “hugger” and a kind, touchy person, and apologized to the former female co-host…the co-host accepted the apology. Al Franken requested that the Senate Ethics Committee investigate him. The committee accepted and has already taken up an investigation into Senator Franken.

The final man, and the (living) current longest-serving member of the United States House of Representatives, John Conyers (D-MI), has also been accused of sexual misconduct by a former office employee. A former member of John Conyer’s staff claimed that in the 1990s John Conyers made unwanted sexual advances towards her and that he often sat in his office in only underwear, followed by him requesting his staffer to enter. The House Ethics Committee is already planning to take up an investigation into Conyers’ case. Conyers, who up until recently was loved by his majority-black district, has lost their trust. The leading newspaper in his district has already gone as far to say that Conyers should immediately resign from Congress. Conyers has announced that he has no intentions to resign, and his attorney’s claims suggest that he will fight until the bitter end. However, currently, his chances of surviving the 2018 primary against a new Democrat, or even the general election in 2018 for his House District, look unlikely.

Another man, who is not yet in Congress….and unlikely to get into Congress, is Roy Moore. Moore, the now infamous US Senate Republican Nominee for Alabama Senate’s December 2017 Special Election, has already been accused by more than 6 women, that he sexually accosted them as children and teenagers. Roy Moore denies these allegations, as expected, however, much like his lead in the polls shrink, his chances of surviving the scandal also grow very, very, very slim. Moore is expected to lose narrowly in Alabama, a heavily conservative state, to a conservative Democrat in an upset, come December.

ROY MOORE ROCKED: Four Women Accuse The Justice Of Sexual Misconduct

By Matthew Geiger|ALABAMA

Roy Moore, who is the Republican Nominee for Alabama’s open Senate seat, found himself in a tough position today when four women came out and stated that Moore had pursued sexual relationships with them while still in their teens.

One of the women, Leigh Corfman, stated that she was just 14 years-old when Moore had begun speaking with her. After two encounters, Moore made sexual advances on Corfman, taking off her shirt and pants, as well as his own. Moore then touched her over the bra and directed her hand over the top of his underwear.

“I wanted it over with – I wanted out,” Corfman remembers thinking. “Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over.”

It is important to note that the age of the consent at the time was, and still is, 16.

Another woman, Wendy Miller, said that Moore had asked her out on dates when she was only sixteen. She had been working as Santa’s helper at a mall when Moore first encountered her.

The two other women, Debbie Gibson and Gloria Deason, confessed to having relationships with Moore when they were just 17 and 18. Deason also reported that her interactions included wine, which was illegal for an 18-year-old to consume at the time.

Moore, in a written statement, refuted the accusations.

“These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign”

None of the four women have donated to Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, according to FEC reports.
It remains to be seen what will come of this story. However, it is important to note that everything reported thus far are simply accusations, and are not fact. As of the time of this article, no official indictments or charges have been filed against Roy Moore.