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Russia Declares Successful Test of Undetectable Nukes

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that he had a new weapon in his arsenal.

US Plans to Withdraw Troops from Syria

The US had made the decision to pull its troops from Syria, where they have been training rebel fighters.

The USA Cannot Let Turkey and Saudi Arabia Fall

Daniel Szewc | Poland Many question the morality of the USA's decision to maintain a strong relationship with the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. How can the bastion of global democracy associate itself with a well-established theocracy, as well as what seems like one that poised to adopt a similar model? ...

Ukraine Requests Assistance from NATO

After Russia seized several Ukrainian Naval vessels in the Sea of Azov, the country has asked NATO for military assistance.

Joseph Stalin Was Undeniably Tyrannical and Evil

Joseph Stalin is held by some as a benevolent man. In reality, Stalin was a ruthless dictator who disregarded the rights of his own citizens.


Crimea Massacre: School Shooting Occurs in Kerch

20 are dead and up to 50 more injured after student Valdislav Roslyakov shot up his college in the coastal city of Kerch, Crimea.

The German Empire Lost World War One Before the Start

The German Empire, despite being a leading European power, lost the Great War before a shot was even fired due to military mistakes and underestimation.

How Ayn Rand’s Objectivism Shaped Libertarianism

Despite butting heads with many libertarian leaders, Ayn Rand's philosophy has contributed much to the libertarian movement.

Russia and USA Meet

Cheating Destiny: The USA Can Beat China Using Russia

Though China is a formidable global player in geopolitics, the United States can retain a global presence by using India and Russia to its favor.

white phosphorous bombs

Russia Alleges U.S. Dropped White Phosphorus Bombs on Syrian Village

Banned white phosphorous bombs come into play once more as part of the U.S. and Russia's involvement in the Syrian Civil War.