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California Leftists Want To Control How You Eat

Indri Schaelicke | United States

In an effort to promote the local restaurant industry, the city of San Francisco, California is considering adopting a new law that prohibits employees of large tech companies from eating in cafeterias on their campus. The proposed law will achieve this by banning companies from maintaining on-site cafeterias, forcing employees to bring their own food from home or leave the corporate campus to get lunch. Proponents say that enacting this legislation will help the restaurants in the area, which have lost business as companies build on-site cafeterias, to recover and thrive again.

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Oakland Mayor Schaff Warns Illegals Hours Before ICE Raid

In an incredible act of protest the Mayor of Oakland blasted off an email warning illegal immigrants of pending ICE raids in the greater San Francisco community. Mayor Libby Schaaf, a major critic of President Donald Trump, tweeted an image of the email late Saturday night:

In her letter, Schaaf expressed concern for the large illegal population that calls the bay area home. “My priority is for the safety and well being of all residents – particularly our most vulnerable.”

Opponents were quick to charge the Mayor with wrongdoing with some going as far to call her actions criminal aiding and abetting. Many cited concern for the safety of actual American citizens:

In January ICE agents raided over 100 7-Eleven’s along the northern bay area. President Donald Trump has recently suggested removing ICE Agents from California because of the lack of enforcement by political leaders.