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Democracy: Perpetually at Odds with Unmolested Capitalism

Democracy is a tool weaponized by the least productive people in a capitalist society to attack society's most prolific producers of wealth.

Libertarians Should Support Ted Cruz

Libertarians must vote for Ted Cruz in the 2018 Texas Senate election to ensure that Democrat Beto O'Rourke, a great opponent of Liberty, is not elected.

America's youth

The Democratic Party Doesn’t Care about America’s Youth

The Democratic Party claims to care about America's youth, but their policies prove that they would only make things a lot worse.

Bernie Sanders speaking in front of neo-progressive supporters.

Libertarians and Neo-Progressives Aren’t That Different (Part 2)

Libertarians and neo-progressives agree on an array of topics, but differ on a few key principles, including economics and gun rights.

Progressive Commentator Praises Rand Paul, Criticizes Bernie Sanders on Russian Collusion

Progressive Commentator Kyle Kulinski has blasted Bernie Sanders for failing to stick to his anti war principles and advocating for sanctions against Russia.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Should be Eating at The Little Red Hen

Though The Little Red Hen had a right to refuse to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it showed a lack of moral judgement.

Bernie Sanders, You Can’t Just Give Everyone a Job

Senator Sanders's jobs program is rife with economic illiteracy and government-obsessed ignorance.

Has Amazon Become Too Big?

Trump & Sanders agree that the tech giant has too much power

Bernie Would Slaughter

Sanders Would be a Dangerous President, but Could Beat Trump in a Landslide


Socialism Will Never Work

Fair is not a natural process.