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Chinese Scientists Want to Give Monkeys Human Brains

Rafael Augusto B.L. De Oliveira | @ancient_scrolls

Largely due to our intelligence, the human race was able to quickly become the ruler of planet Earth. But what if another race soon becomes as smart as us? Will our rule of the Earth be under threat?

Movie franchises like The Matrix and Planet of The Apes explore this possibility. In the first, humanity creates robots so smart that they are able to enslave us inside a simulated reality. In the latter, humans travel to a planet where apes became smarter than us and use their intelligence to rule. But now, Chinese scientists hope to bring an element of this fantasy into reality.

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Scientific Studies are Becoming Difficult to Read

Ellie McFarland | @El_FarAwayLand

Vaccine and climate “skeptics” have been in the news for the past decade. Known as anti-vaxxers and climate deniers to the public, they ignore science, insult people with different opinions, and fearmonger innocent people. These are the people everyone can laugh at– liberal, conservative, anarchist, or statist. Yes, everyone laughs at the meme involving an anti-vaxx mother balming pasteurized milk for her child’s scarlet fever. The media and pop culture have done a fantastic job of making the scientifically illiterate universal punching bags. But we shouldn’t be blaming these people; scientific studies have been getting harder and harder to read, and the scientific community has played its part.

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