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Is It Time to Trust-Bust Big Tech Social Media?

Jack Parkos | @laissez_faire76

Sitting upon Mt. Rushmore is four presidents who many consider to be the nation’s greatest. One of these four is Theodore Roosevelt. He’s well known for his “Big Stick Diplomacy” and conservationist efforts. Perhaps the most controversial policy of Roosevelt was his trust-busting. It’s possible that it’s time to trust-bust the big tech giants like Facebook and Google.

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Portland’s Mayor Condones the Violence of Antifa Radicals

Dylan Palmer | @dylanpalmer22

On June 29th, “Antifascist” (Antifa) protesters took to the streets of Portland, Oregon, to oppose a scheduled Proud Boys rally. Police officers positioned themselves between the two groups to prohibit a violent clash. This did not, however, prevent several assaults from occurring.

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Social Media Sites Don’t Have a Monopoly on Free Speech

Atilla Sulker | @AtillaSulker

Individuals from all corners of the political spectrum have been rilled up by the recent bannings of various figures from social media platforms including Alex Jones and Louis Farrakhan. Some have praised these bans for providing good restrictions on what they deem “fake news” or “hate speech”. Others have attacked these bans for being influenced by nefarious motives that are contra free speech. The debate regarding the extent to which social media sites may regulate speech has been going on for years now. Perhaps it is time for a reassessment.

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Social Media Censorship: Platform or Publisher?

Mike Ottavio | @MadMikePolitics

Times change but our rights do not.  This sentiment, repeated mostly by conservatives and libertarians, aims to show that no matter what changes in our society, our rights should always stay the same.  This is a good mindset for any freedom loving individual. But what happens when society changes so much that the way we enforce these rights change? No, we aren’t talking about guns. We are talking about the mother of all rights, freedom of speech. More specifically, we are talking about how it is threatened on social media.

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The Hot Take: a Media Catastrophe

Roman King | United States

Years ago, I was charged with political fervor and revolutionary zeal and landed myself some rather important volunteer positions within the Libertarian Party. I became a leading member of their social media teams. I was a Facebook inbox manager, as well as a leading Twitter content manager. It was where I learned some pretty useful skills in the modern working world. I learned how to professionally manage a social media page, how to professionally communicate with people asking important and sometimes thought-provoking questions, and how to interact with co-workers in a professional environment. I have always and will always attribute many of the skills I have now to where I began: working with the Libertarian Party at both the local and national levels. It’s hard to overstate the importance that year or so of work had on me.

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