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Social Progress Index

GDP is Dead, and the Social Progress Index Succeeds It

The GDP is far past its time of use, and it is time for countries to adopt the social progress index as a measure of growth and development.

The Free Market Can Be Used To Preserve Tradition

Tradition can be preserved through the use of market forces, rather than through government intervention in our lives and the economy.

The Two Parties are a Divide and Conquer Tactic

Millions of Americans have fallen for the ultra-partisan divisions of the two parties and the two-party system, which have been a handy tool for government tyranny.

America Needs a New Form of Criminal Justice

America's punitive justice system fails to accommodate for the victims of crimes and should be replaced by a retributive system.

Technology has Redefined 21st Century Politics

New technologies have created new ways of sharing ideas in the 21st century. This has had a major impact on political awareness.

The Consequences of States Defining Nations

When States define nations and collect statistics about people within them, they are only creating more tools to divide those who are equal.

Creation Guides the World All the Way Down

Destruction is an illusion. Transformation is real.

Grandson Is Calling Out Politicians and Corruption Through Music

Grandson is an artist that is rising through the industry with his politically charged messages.

Democracy Is Infuriating. Stop Taking It Personally

Pulling the United States back from the brink means those living in the “home of the brave” will need to develop a thicker skin.

Knowledge is Asymptotic, Not Absolute or Relative

Why the relativists and the absolutists are both incorrect.