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There Is No Such Thing As Charitable Government

The state has confused compulsion with charity.

Is Bill Gates A Closet Libertarian?

Through some liberty-minded responses on a Reddit questioning session, is Bill Gates revealing his libertarian tendencies to the world?

The Ever-Changing Meaning of Patriotism

Patriotism should mean dedication to values and a healthy lust for liberty.

Police Brutality and Minority Struggle: Ending the Blame Game

Ghetto culture tends to be the issue in minority communities, not the police.

Socialism, the Killer

Socialism is a dangerous idea. What makes it tick, and why is it so horrendous?

The American Dream Through the Years

A 20th century breakdown of what the American dream has been and will be.

Journals and Collective Chaos

One symptom however has proved to be especially troubling, we no longer keep our emotions facing inward, log them, categorize them, or look back at them. The advantage of the Journal was that it allowed one to know oneself better than they could without. The same is true today.

Climate Change and the Plight of Modern Science

The long-held principles of a scientific world are being questioned and will shake our modern society to its core.

OPINION: Democracy is Failing, and Here is How We Fix it

A democratic model of society is not ideal, and there's a better alternative.

From the Editor: Common Sense Isn’t So Common Anymore — Here’s Why

Senior Editor Roman King returns from nowhere with an article on common sense.

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