Tag: Society

The Consequences of States Defining Nations

When States define nations and collect statistics about people within them, they are only creating more tools to divide those who are equal.

Creation Guides the World All the Way Down

Destruction is an illusion. Transformation is real.

Grandson Is Calling Out Politicians and Corruption Through Music

Grandson is an artist that is rising through the industry with his politically charged messages.

Democracy Is Infuriating. Stop Taking It Personally

Pulling the United States back from the brink means those living in the “home of the brave” will need to develop a thicker skin.

Knowledge is Asymptotic, Not Absolute or Relative

Why the relativists and the absolutists are both incorrect.

As Mind Hacks Go, Religion Isn’t The Best One

A response to Stephen T. Asma’s argument for religion.

Adrift Movie Review: A True Story of Lovers

Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin star in this true story of lovers.

The Decay of Independent Thought to Bleakness

What is left of humanity, when minds are free of independent thought?

The Paradox of Abortion: Liberty or Duty?

Abortion pits freedom against societal duty.

Lost in Self: Digital Photography and the Emptiness of the Western Soul

With expansions in technology, pictures have become nearly meaningless