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Interview With Brent DeRidder of the Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief

Indri Schaelicke of 71 Republic interviewed the founder of the Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief to discuss a number of pertinent issues.

South Carolina capitol

The South Carolina LP’s Battle Over James Smith

The South Carolina Libertarian Party is being attacked for the simple reason that they are not nominating Democrat James Smith for governor.

South Carolina Pushes For ‘Right To Secede’ In Response To Gun Control Talk

Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation that would open the doors for potential South Carolina secession.

Interview With Britton Wolf: SC House District 71 Candidate

South Carolinan Runs For State House


South Carolina: Pioneer of Revolutionary America’s Liberty

By James Sweet III | South Carolina The roots of liberty in the United States of America lie in the soil of the state of South Carolina. Regardless of political and ideological affiliation, many South Carolinians have influenced the American political atmosphere in major ways. Today, men and women like Lindsay Graham, Tim Scott, Trey ...

South Carolina’s Capitol Will Become First City to Ban Bump Stocks

Columbia will soon be the first U.S. city to ban the gun attachment.


Nothing New in the Charleston Shooting

By Austin Cherkas | CHARLESTON Violent shootings in America are, unfortunately, nothing new. On the 24th of August, Thomas Burns, 53, and ex-convict returned “disgruntled," at a popular restaurant called Virginia's On King in Charleston, South Carolina from which he was recently fired from working as a dishwasher.  Thomas was armed with a revolver and ...