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Libertarians Should Support Ted Cruz

Indri Schaelicke | United States

Perhaps the tightest race of the 2018 midterms, Ted Cruz vs Beto O’Rourke has caught the attention of pundits and ordinary pundits across the US alike. Recent polls show conflicting conclusions, with some putting Cruz ahead by wide margins, and others portraying the race as close. At this point, it is impossible to accurately predict the outcome of this election. Considering how uncertain the result of Texas’s Senate election is at this point, it is important that libertarians rally their support behind the incumbent, Republican Junior Senator Cruz to ensure that up-and-coming Democrat Beto does not achieve election to US Senate. If he is elected, liberty will be much more at risk than it is now. 

At first glance, neither Cruz or Beto appears to be an attractive option for libertarians. Both support big government in some form or other, whether it be Cruz’s support of police, the chief enforcers of tyrannical policy, or Beto’s calls for universal healthcare. Both candidates have shown that they each have a “big government” bone, but who’s is bigger? When it comes down to it. Ted Cruz is much more likely to push for reductions in the size of government than his opponent Beto O’Rourke. 

Libertarians will find it easy to align with Cruz’s gun policy; he adamantly supports the 2nd Amendment and owns guns himself. Cruz has received an A+ rating from the NRA for his unwavering defense of the people’s right to own firearms. In the past, he has opposed legislation that would criminalize the private transfer of firearms between friends and family members. He is also a supporter of Concealed Carry Reciprocity, which would allow those with concealed carry permits to carry across state lines.  Conversely, Beto has made a name for himself among Democrats for his aggressive attacks on gun rights. Beto’s positions could not be any farther from Cruz’s; he is against Concealed Carry Reciprocity, calls firearms “weapons of war”, and supports Chuck Schumer style “universal background checks”. Cruz is the more likely of the two to defend gun rights from his position on the hill. Those who find that their position on gun ownership aligns with Ted Cruz should back him in the 2018 Senate Election. 

When it comes to the economy, Cruz appears to have a much greater understanding of its true nature. He supports massive deregulation and privatization, as well as decreasing the federal income tax, recognizing that doing so increases the wealth left in private citizens’ and business’ hands, which is used to bring prosperity to many. Cruz is also a fiscal conservative, believing that the current US Debt is unsustainable and dangerous. A core tenet of libertarian philosophy is that the people can best make decisions concerning their lives, not the government, and Cruz’s view on the economy furthers this belief. In stark contrast to Cruz’s wealth of economic understanding, Beto appears to have very little; his official platform on the economy listed on his website consists of 4 wishy-washy, befuddling statements that layout few clear economic policy proposals. What can be understood, however, is that Beto does not understand basic economics. He pushes for more regulations in the belief that they will promote competition, when in fact, regulations actually impede the growth of the economy by increasing production costs for businesses. Beto also calls for lowering the barrier of entry for small businesses, while simultaneously pushing for increased regulation and taxation, which would make operating a business much more costly. Cruz is clearly the candidate seeking to create a truly free market, and libertarians can count on him to continue to further this goal. 

“Universal Healthcare”, a proposal viewed as radical, even for Democrats, just 15 years ago has become a firmly rooted staple of the Democratic Party. As such, Beto O’Rourke is a firm believer in a system where government shoulders the burden of the healthcare market they helped to destroy. Beto calls health care a “basic human right“, a term sure to rub most libertarians the wrong way. Libertarians recognize that when a good or service is declared a right of the people, it must be procured to them at all costs, or else the government is infringing upon their rights. This ultimately is a form of conscription for those who are forced to provide the good or service at the threat of violence. Cruz abhors Universal Healthcare systems as much as libertarians, participating in a debate with quasi-socialist Bernie Sanders on CNN and being a leading figure in the campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Ted Cruz’s very first piece of legislation he introduced as a Senator was to repeal Obamacare, and has introduced countless bills since, which attempt to free the healthcare market from disastrous government intervention.

Senator Cruz can be a valuable ally for libertarians in their fight to free the economy of the weight of government intervention dragging it down, and a vital supporter of 2nd Amendment rights at a time when they are under direct fire. Libertarians must vote for Ted Cruz in the 2018 Texas Senate election to ensure that at the very least, liberty does not elude them further. 

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Texas Border Patrol Agent Juan Ortiz Charged with Murders

By Max Bibeau | United States

Juan Ortiz, a 35-year-old U.S. Border Patrol Supervisor has been charged with four counts of murder, aggravated assault, and unlawful restraint.

Ortiz is reportedly the killer of four separate women. The attacks took place over a period of two weeks.

At this time, authorities believe that all four of the women were sex workers. At least two of them were definitely United States citizens. Ortiz was caught after a fifth woman, who is believed to have been his next target, managed to escape at a gas station, and find a state trooper to help.

After the woman escaped, police found and arrested Ortiz, who was hiding in a hotel parking lot in Laredo at 2:00 Saturday morning.

The names of the women are not publicly available, and neither are the nationalities of the other two. However, police can confirm that one of the victims was a transgender woman.

All of the women are believed to have been killed since September 3rd, though the motive and method of the killings is still unclear. Authorities believe that the suspect was acting alone.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced it will fully cooperate with the investigation.

This article will update as more details come to light.

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Beto is a Texan Poser

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Beto O’Rourke is popular in Texas. Across the state, his campaign logo populates the signs on front lawns, bumper stickers, and tv advertisements. People are starting to wonder, is Beto actually going to replace Cruz in the Senate? With midterms right around the corner, Beto’s increasing popularity has Texas Republicans worried.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 2.55.10 PM.png

They probably do not need to worry, though, considering the Cruz is polling higher than Beto across the board. On average, he is polling 4.4% above Beto. But election day is two months off. And things can change. One has to wonder if Beto is going to turn things around and win this election. He is campaigning hard and visiting people across the state. One thing that may be his downfall, though, is his position on guns.

Guns are popular in Texas. This is the very last state in the U.S. that would tolerate an increase in restrictions on the ownership of weapons. Yet Beto, on his Issues page, does not come across as a very pro-gun politician.

At first, he states that he grew up around firearms and understands that they are part of Texas culture. That shared heritage — that uniquely Texas experience — means that our state should lead the way in preserving the Second Amendment.” Sounds fine so far. Beto understands the Texan allegiance to guns and wants to stand by what the constitution says about ownership of weapons.

But the sentence continues: “…while working together to ensure people can live without fear of gun violence in their communities.”

This is the classic statist remark of “I believe in rights, but…” If you have the word “but” after your affirmation of a right, you do not believe in rights. Beto believes we should defend the right to bear arms, but we should not have that right if we think it may have a social cost. That is not a defense of rights, though. If you believe in them, you believe in them regardless of the social expense that they may have.

Beto continues to say that we should “Stop selling weapons of war and high-capacity magazines to ensure that firearms designed to kill as effectively and efficiently as possible on the battlefield aren’t used in our schools, our streets, our churches, and our concerts.”

One must understand why we have the right to bear arms in the first place. When the Bill of Rights was written, the founders did not have home robbery or deer-hunting on their minds. They had just fought a violent revolution against a hegemonic power. What they had on their mind was preventing a governmental power from becoming too powerful again. And to prevent a state from becoming too powerful they enshrined the right to bear arms so that we would have weapons of war outside the hands of the war-makers.

The government should be in fear of the people. They should not want to tread on our sacred rights. The best way to ensure that is for the populace to be armed. At one point, even Western governments understood that. During World War 2 the idea of dropping 10,000 single shot Liberator guns over the Axis powers was considered a viable strategy. It would leave the governments of the Axis powers in fear of which civilians were armed and which were not. Subsequently, there would be disarray which would undermine the hegemonic state.

This is why we are armed. Beto seems to think we are armed so we can hunt or look at antique rifles. But that is not the Texan culture at all. The old Texan saying “Come and Take It” calls back to the truest moments of Texas rebelliousness. At the battle of Gonzales a government we did not like attempted to take control of us. So we told them we wouldn’t surrender our weapons and they would have to put up a fight.

The fact that Beto O’Rourke does not see the true reason for Texas gun culture shows that he is merely trying to pander to the populace in an empty manner. He does not identify with your right to bear arms. He especially doesn’t identify with that right in a Texan manner. So it’s about time we see through the empty political platitudes and don’t vote for someone so against our right to defense as Beto.

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Murphy: I Support ‘Real’ Second Amendment

By Jason Patterson | United States

The Democratic Senator from Connecticut, Chris Murphy stated on Saturday that he backs the “real” Second Amendment, rather than an “imaginary” version of the provision that he says is manipulated by the NRA and anti gun control activists.

“I support the real 2nd Amendment, not the imaginary 2nd Amendment,” Murphy tweeted. “And the real #2A isn’t absolute. It allows Congress to wake up to reality and ban these assault rifles that are designed for one purpose only – to kill as many people as fast as possible.”

He tweeted this in response to the mass shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas. The attack left at least 10 people dead and 10 others injured. Though the shooter obtained the gun legally, the incident left many calling for furthered gun control.

Murphy had recently also called for stricter gun control laws and the possible ban of “assault weapons” guns such as the AR 15. He sees such restrictions as reasonable limitations justified by the real Second Amendment.

However the recent shooter, Pagourtzis, used a shotgun and a 38 Revolver. Both of these guns were owned by his father and are not considered a ” assault or military grade weapon”.

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CBD is Helping Texans, But the State Wants to Take it Away

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

In 2015, Texas passed the Compassionate Use Act, which allowed for the limited sale of CBD products for medical uses. CBD is a product of marijuana, and while it does not have the same psychoactive properties of THC, is has been used effectively in treating pain and epilepsy.

Such was the case for a six-year-old girl back in February. Cansortium Texas, a division of Florida-based Cansortium Holdings, delivered the treatment to a young girl who suffered from a rare form of epilepsy. The treatment was effective, showing just another instance of successful medical marijuana treatment.

The permitting legislation didn’t actually go into effect until February of 2018, but when it did numerous CBD products populated the shelves of various Texas stores. In turn, Officials with the Texas Department of State Health Services are warning business owners that this is not legal under state law.

They are now considering a proposal that would give inspectors authority to seize unauthorized sale of CBD in Texas stores. An agency spokesperson made the claim that they are just trying to comply with federal law.

One may think: At least the Compassionate Use Act is in place, and that’s helping enough, isn’t it?

The problem is that the CUA is not doing enough. It applies too much red tape to the world of health and keeps Texans from getting what they need.

Under the Compassionate Use program, Texans can only get access to CBD products for medical use when they have tried two other FDA-approved drugs that have proven ineffective. They also need to get recommended for CBD from an approved doctor. There are only twenty approved to recommend CBD in the state of Texas.

At the same time, only three dispensaries in the entire state have gotten approval for production of CBD products. Morris Denton, the CEO for the distributor Compassionate Cultivation, is not happy about the current laws surrounding the issue.

It’s troubling to me that a great percentage of Texans will no longer be able to achieve that benefit. If you are just taking a product away from people that has helped them, but not giving them a legal solution, then I think that is a step back.

The Compassionate Use Act is a move by the state government that is lacking in many ways. It forces sick people to endure an arduous process before they can try a drug that will probably be effective in their treatment. Texas (and Americans as a whole) have the right to try drugs that may help. It is not moral for the state government to get in the way of their potential healing.

If the Department of State Health Services gets its way, there will be less access to a product that will assist the health of many Texans. The proposal that would authorize the seizures of CBD products is both an assault on the property of business owners and the well-being of many Texans.

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