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It’s Time to Ensure Equal Standards for Government and the People

In order for a free society to properly function, we must ensure that there are truly equal standards for government and the people.

The Founding Fathers were Right to be Deists

An introduction and case for deism, the belief common among our founding fathers that a Creator exists, but does not intervene.

America: Closer to Mussolini than the Founders’ Goal

America has drifted far away from the limited government ideals of the Founding Fathers, and in fact, is falling dangerously close in ideology to Mussolini.

Should Colleges Remove Thomas Jefferson from Curricula?

Though Thomas Jefferson had many flaws and showed considerable hypocrisy about slavery, this does not take away from his historical importance.

Slavery, Thomas Jefferson, and Frederick Douglass the Libertarian

Frederick Douglass and Thomas Jefferson played distinct roles in the fight to abolish slavery.

How The Whiskey Rebellion Changed America

The Whiskey Rebellion forced new Americans to define the limits of state power.

Did The Founding Fathers Write The Declaration Of Independence on Hemp?

Were our founding documents published on Cannabis synthesized paper?

Just In Case: How to Fight a Revolution

The reason for the Second Amendment is forgotten by many. Few also know how to overthrow tyranny with their rights.

Hofstra Activists Demand The Removal Of Thomas Jefferson Statue

Left activists are advocating for the removal of a Thomas Jefferson statue because of racism.


“Liberty is For Everyone” – An Interview With Libertarian Party Vice Chair Candidate Joe Paschal

71 Discusses Libertarianism With Vice Chair Candidate Joe Paschal