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Thomas Massie Keeps Kentucky Congressional Seat

By Spencer Kellogg | @Spencer_Kellogg

With more than 43% of polls reporting, 71 Republic is calling the Kentucky 4th District Congressional House race in favor of Thomas Massie. As of 8:00PM EST, Rep. Massie (R) has 59.5% of the vote and is firmly leading both challengers Seth Hall (D) and Mike Moffett (I). Massie, who studied at MIT and was Judge-Executive of Lewis County, easily won his home county district.

This will be Massie’s fourth time representing the 4th district of Kentucky. He ran on a message of creating jobs, preserving the strong economy, addressing the looming debt, and in the past has called for exiting our relationship with the United Nations. The liberty-minded Congressman is well known in Congress for his independent streaks and a desire to audit the Federal Reserve. Massie favors lowering taxes and voted against the Omnibus Bill in 2018. In 2017, in fact, he was the sole member of Congress to vote against levying sanctions on North Korea.

Massie has associated himself with the House Liberty Caucus, a libertarian-leaning group inside Congress that includes Chair Justin Amash. The caucus supports economic freedom, individual liberty and adhering to the United States Constitution. He is currently writing a bill titled “The American Sovereignty Restoration Act” which would stop funding for the United Nations completely. He was also endorsed by Rand Paul, Young Americans for Liberty, and Gun Owners of America.

Seth Hall also grew up in the 4th district in Henry County. He was a farmer and went to law school at the Universtiy of Louisville. Hall campaigned on a platform of uniting the nation, embracing diversity and maintaining America’s National parks. In the end, Massie comfortably defeated the Democrat challenger.

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Libertarians Should Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

By Kenneth Casey | United States

At 9 P.M. EST on Monday, President Trump made the decision the whole country was anticipating ever since Justice Kennedy retired on June 27th. That was announcing his nominee to replace him.

The list was narrowed down to 4 at the start of the day. Trump ended up choosing Brett Kavanaugh, who currently serves as a Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

When President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court to replace the late Antonin Scalia, almost every noteworthy faction of the American Right praised the pick. From libertarians to neocons, to establishment Republicans to tea partiers and social conservatives, the nomination of Gorsuch brought them all together because they all had a favorable opinion of the nomination. The same story does not apply to Kavanaugh’s nomination, as it drew many mixed reactions from the right.

Republican establishment figures such as Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Orrin Hatch had high praise for the pick. McConnell and Hatch claim they will do whatever is necessary to get him confirmed. Although it seems likely Kavanaugh will have the support of the neoconservative wing of the Senate, Tom Cotton, who is held in high regard by prominent neoconservatives, expressed concern over the potential nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court about five days ago.

Many conservatives offered a mix reaction, with Ben Shapiro calling the pick a “double, not a home run”, pointing out his decision to avoid jurisdiction in Obamacare and government provided contraceptive coverage as his main critiques. Ted Cruz, who, prior to the nomination becoming official, also expressed discomfort with Kavanaugh, seemed to have a change of heart. He announced on Twitter he “looks forward to confirming his nomination”. Rick Santorum, however, criticized the president for “bowing down to the elite in Washington” by selecting Kavanaugh.

So, how should libertarians feel about Kavanaugh? Is he another principled originalist constitutional conservative in the likes of Judge Neil Gorsuch who will protect our 4th amendment rights? Or is he just another Judge Roberts, a Republican-appointed judge who will sacrifice our constitutional liberties from time-to-time. From the looks of it, it appears to be much closer to the latter. 

Justin Amash, by far the most libertarian member of the House, called the pick disappointing, tweeting the following about Kavanaugh:

I think Amash is 100% correct in his analysis of Kavanaugh. He’s definitely not another Gorsuch, who proved in the Carpenter V. United States case that he might be the most pro-4th amendment justice on the court. He was the only justice who used the 4th amendment for the basis of his opinion. Gorsuch wrote the following:

“The Fourth Amendment protects ‘the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.’ True to those words and their original understanding, the traditional approach asked if a house, paper or effect was yours under law. No more was needed to trigger the Fourth Amendment.”

Kavanaugh, as Justin pointed out, is rather weak on the 4th amendment. He holds the common but flawed position that the security the government will provide through the metadata collection is worth the amount of privacy that would be given up by innocent Americans.

Besides the 4th amendment, another area of concern libertarians should have towards Kavanaugh was his opinion towards upholding Obamacare. He believed, due to the legal theory of judicial constraint, the courts had no position in making a ruling on Obamacare and therefore avoided jurisdiction. He shared a similar opinion to Justice Roberts on this issue, believing that the individual mandate in Obamacare that required Americans to have health insurance, was not a fine, rather a tax, and taxes cannot be adjudicated by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. His opinion was later adopted by Justice Roberts, who ultimately claimed Obamacare was constitutional and voted to uphold it at the Supreme Court.

Libertarians believe that this opinion is invalid because judicial restraint should not have been used in this case. It would definitely be the court’s role to overturn Obamacare for its unconstitutional individual mandate under the Commerce Clause.

This morning, one of the top libertarian legal minds in the country, Judge Napolitano, gave his opinion on Brett Kavanaugh, stating he was disappointed by Trump’s choice of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. The judge called him “the heart and soul of the DC establishment”.

I asked libertarian-leaning Republican Congressman Thomas Massie for his opinion on Kavanaugh’s nomination, and he responded to me with this:

It appears Massie wants to analyze whether Kavanaugh would be an upgrade to Kennedy on the Supreme Court before making the decision whether or not to support his nomination.

Because of his inconsistent positions regarding issues that don’t align with the constitution, it is worthwhile for libertarians to object to his nomination.

How does Rand Paul feel about Kavanaugh’s nomination?

Shortly after Trump announced his nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Rand tweeted out this regarding Kavanaugh:

This reaction was very divergent from other Republican Senators who pledged to support his nomination, as Paul seems to be undecided about how he’ll vote and will wait for the upcoming hearings.

Days prior to Kavanaugh’s nomination being announced, Rand privately urged President Trump not to pick Kavanaugh, citing his concerns with “Kavanaugh’s role during the Bush administration on cases involving executive privilege and the disclosure of documents to Congress.” According to Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis, Rand spoke to him prior to the nomination, stating he would evaluate Kavanaugh’s record if he were to be the pick, while also saying he wants a justice who agrees with Neil Gorsuch on privacy, but as I covered above, Kavanaugh has almost the complete opposite position as Gorsuch when it comes to government spying and the 4th amendment.

So just how much say will Rand Paul’s vote have in deciding whether Kavanaugh gets confirmed? Rand Paul’s vote will be a critical one. With the Republicans having just a 51-49 majority in the Senate and Senator John McCain currently being inactive in the Senate due to health problems, one Republican Senator dissenting from voting in the affirmative could put the nomination in jeopardy if no Democrats cross over the aisle and vote to confirm Trump’s nominee.

Rand Paul will have a decision to make. He could be a hero to libertarians, privacy and 4th amendment advocates, and true constitutionalists by voting against Kavanaugh’s nomination, causing the President to nominate a more constitutional, liberty and 4th amendment friendly nominee to the court. Time will tell whether he chooses to do so, but ultimately, libertarians should oppose the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

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Thomas Massie Suggests 2016 Libertarian Ticket Was “Never Really Libertarian”

Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Earlier this week, President Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia due to her support of the President’s stance on illegal immigration along the southern border of the United States. While the action by the Red Hen staff has drawn derision from both conservative and liberal commentators alike, principled libertarians have pointed out that private businesses possess a constitutional and free market right to not do business with a customer on the basis of ideological or religious preferences.

Reason magazine was among the first news outlet’s to point out the hypocrisy of ‘bake the cake’ liberals who believe the Red Hen staff has a right to pick and choose their patrons based on ideological preference but demanded a Colorado baker make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. Representative Thomas Massie agreed with the magazine and went a step further on Monday when he condemned what he sees as an anti-libertarian platform pushed by Gary Johnson and Bill Weld during their 2016 bid for the White House.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 5.35.24 PM.png

By tweeting the 2016 LP presidential ticket was “never really a libertarian ticket” Massie is putting his finger squarely on the button that has energized so many within the libertarian base to push for new leadership in the party ranks ahead of their bi-annual convention this weekend in New Orleans. Libertarians, by their very nature, are a contrarian bunch that enjoys debating the nuances of liberty that crop up across the country and in 2016 the major ideological quarry inside the party’s membership was regarding a Colorado baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. Johnson, the front-runner, and eventual nominee stood firm in his belief that government has a right to force association by private businesses regardless of religious belief.

In a 7-2 ruling released in early June, The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Masterpiece Cakeshop and owner John Phillips. The ruling, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, stated that Phillips had a right to refuse service to customers based on religious freedom: “The religious and philosophical objections to gay marriage are protected views and in some instances protected forms of expression.” Two of the major tenants of libertarianism are freedom of association and free market capitalism. To follow each of these to their logical conclusion is to believe that private businesses possess a right to refuse service on the basis of religious or ideological grounds and that the market, instead of the state, should be the ultimate arbitrator in that businesses’ windfall.

It remains to be seen if the tweet made by Massie is an indication of any Presidential aspirations that the Representative may have himself. Regardless, Massie’s statement is a stark refutation of Governor William Weld, who is assumed by many in the Libertarian Party to be one of the candidates running for its Presidential Nomination in 2020.

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3 Amazing Replacements For Paul Ryan

By Colin Louis | United States

Paul Ryan recently announced that he would not seek re-election for Congress, leaving the speakership open. Should the Republicans keep the House we need a more conservative speaker (who won’t pass a $1.3 trillion Omnibus.) So here are three true conservatives that would make for excellent replacements to Speaker Ryan.

3. Mark Meadows




Mark Meadows, Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus has proven himself a defender of liberty in the House. The Freedom Caucus lead the fight against “ObamaCare Light” in 2017. Meadows was instrumental in preventing conservatives from passing Paul Ryan’s failure at healthcare reform. Meadows also strongly opposed the Omnibus budget deal. Meadows is a strong and capable leader in the House Freedom Caucus and would make a terrific candidate for Speaker. Unfortunately, Meadows has expressed that he has no interest in the speakership. On the other hand, neither did Paul Ryan.

2. Justin Amash




More notably in the liberty movement is Justin Amash. Amash has been consistent as a fighter for liberty in the House. Amash voted against the disasters omnibus. Long has he been a warrior among young libertarians. He’s strongly opposed the two-party system and the Federal Reserve. Amash is a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus and speaker at the Young Americans for Liberty.

1. Thomas Massie




Perhaps the best Representative on this list is Thomas Massie. A Kentucky congressman, Massie has worked closely with perhaps the most famous liberty warrior, Rand Paul. Massie fought hard against the disaster of the American Healthcare Act and the Omnibus. As speaker Massie would be the best candidate for liberty and conservatism.

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Austin Petersen Lands Republican Liberty Caucus Endorsement in US Senate Race

By Spencer Kellogg | USA

On Tuesday, Austin Petersen picked up a key endorsement from the Republican Liberty Caucus in his race against Claire McCaskill for US Senate from Missouri. The former Libertarian Presidential Candidate and Republican outsider has been campaigning against the stalwart Democrat since July and the endorsement is a major signal of Petersen’s strong ties to the liberty movement. RLC National Chair Matt Nye, called Petersen “the breath of fresh air Missourians need,” and pointed to Petersen’s consistent advocation for less government and expanded liberty in the lives of American and Missouri citizens.

“Austin brings some much-needed common sense and has both the knowledge and the skills to effectively articulate the liberty message,” Nye said. “We don’t need another career politician in D.C., we need bold reform and leaders unashamed of consistently fighting for the principles of limited government, free markets, and individual liberty; Austin is that leader and we’re proud to stand behind his candidacy.”

In a crowded Republican primary field, Petersen’s greatest challenge will come from current Missouri Attorney General and odds on favorite Josh Hawley. Hawley has been in the news lately after being sanctioned by a federal judge for failure to timely produce documents in a police brutality case. Petersen has also challenged Hawley’s honesty after the Attorney General promised to not use the position as a step ladder to higher offices before announcing his candidacy for US Senate less than a year into the position.

Petersen is a staunch advocate of limited government, civil liberties, gun rights and most recently received the highest cryptocurrency donation on record for a US congressional candidate. His fiery attitude and statesman-like rhetoric have crystalized Petersen amongst die hard libertarians and common sense Republicans alike as a leader in the fight for liberty. His candidacy for US Senate has expanded his brand and confirmed a growing progressive movement of thinkers in the Republican Party. Petersen’s donation and polling numbers grow steadily everyday as he positions himself strategically with like minded liberty Republicans like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie.

Petersen’s career has included stints as a producer on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show on Fox Business, CEO of The Libertarian Republic and a second place finish in the 2016 Libertarian Presidential Race. Looking to increase the principles of liberty and rights of citizens, Petersen elected to run as a Republican for US Senate from his home state of Missouri. To learn more about Mr. Petersen and his campaign please visit his website at: https://www.austinpetersen.com