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President Trump Declares Trade War on Everybody

Garrett Summers | @g_summ300

The Trump administration has been a huge advocate for tariffs. Recently, the administration increased them on Chinese imports. The administration has also removed India from special trade status. This means Indian imports will be subject to billions of dollars in tariffs. The president further threatened to levy tariffs against Mexico if the government does not do more to stop the influx of migrants crossing into the U.S. illegally. But China and Mexico are the #1 and #3 importers to the U.S., respectively. Trump, with his trade war, will raise prices for the average consumer.

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BREAKING: President Trump Signs Budget

President Trump has signed the budget into law, ending all talks of a government shutdown tomorrow at 12:01AM.

The bill arrived at the White House around 11:30AM EST on Friday, to which President Trump signed a little while later. The budget appropriates funding for Trump’s wall,¬†boosts funding for the military, and had bipartisan support in Congress. Despite Trump’s tweets earlier this morning, he has decided against a veto, and the government will not be shutting down. Congress will now be entering a two-week recess.