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Cheating Destiny: The USA Can Beat China Using Russia

By Daniel Szewc | Poland

One simply cannot deny the modern geopolitical warfare going on between China and the USA. On the surface, China is ahead, winning influence over land in Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Of course, America, the world power of our era, cannot be earning much, since they already dominate so much of the globe. But how can the USA maintain its power?

China and the Line of Defense

Firstly, the “line of defense against China’s rise”. This is exactly what the USA used against the Soviet Union. Instead of an open conflict, they want a geopolitical version of Reagan’s military buildup. This caused the Soviets, who wanted to out-compete America, to go bankrupt and ultimately collapse.

Using this method, Trump wants to tie China’s hands and give better deals than the Asian nation. China proposed building a new silk road? Trump gave Central Europe the support for the Intermarium. China proposed being the arbitrator of Israel-Palestine talks? Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. China wants a good deal with Duterte? The Trump administration has been trying to schedule Duterte’s visit to the White House since May 2017. He even recently had the U.S. Ambassador to Manila say that America has a “strong interest” in pursuing Duterte’s visit. North Korea is China’s closest ally in East Asia? Trump manages to secure peace talks with Kim Jong Un, and pushes for reunification, just to move the Chinese sphere of influence back to its border.

Indian Influence

Another great resource that the USA can use against China is the rise of India. Since they are so close, their spheres of strategic interest collide, especially in Asia. The division of influence between America and India would be much more useful for America than one with China. This is simply because India does not have as much of a global outreach as China does.

China is also already trying to grip on India by allying with their biggest regional rival: Pakistan. To weaken its neighbor, India would likely seek the help of the USA. They could also try to outmaneuver the Western superpower, but this would be immensely difficult and irrational, considering that the two countries have no major fight right now.

The Key Role of Russia

A great advantage that America has in the fight for control of Central Europe is its historic rivalry with Russia. This plays in stark contrast to China’s alliance with Russia in the New Silk Road initiative. For most of Europe, Russia still holds the negative stigma of Soviet imperialism. Alas, America does not even have to prove its might. It simply has to prove itself better than Russia, which is not difficult to do, in their eyes.

Ironically, America’s chance is in its established brand, whereas China may have a more uphill battle towards continued success. Will Uncle Sam fulfill his potential? Only time will tell.

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Helsinki High: Trump and Putin Play Nice in Finland

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Speaking before a room of engaged media in Helsinki, Finland, President Donald Trump & Russian President Vladimir Putin promised a new relationship built on conversation and working together. Standing in front of “Helsinki 2018” decorated podiums and an even number of Russian and American flags to their wings, both men looked stern and imposing as they read through prepared statements.

Putin was first and sounded as upbeat as could be expected:

Today both Russia and The United States faced a whole new set of challenges. The creeping threats of terrorism and transnational crime. We can only cope with these challenges if we work together. Today negotiations reflected our joint wish with President Trump to improve this relationship and restore an acceptable level of trust.I’d like to point out specifically that our special forces are cooperating quite successful together. – Putin

Expounding on his hope for a new relationship between the two nations, Putin praised President Trump’s work on the geopolitical situation in North Korea:

We will make a step towards creating a lasting peace in compliance. We are glad that the Korean peninsula issue is beginning to resolve. To a great extent it was possible thanks to the personal engagement of Donald Trump who opted for dialogue instead of confrontation. The Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere into internal American affairs including the election process. – Putin

He finished in a level tone that expressed hope for a new path forward for US-Russia relations:

It’s quite clear that the bilateral relationships are going through a complicated stage.  We had a great conversation and I hope we start to understand each other better. We made the first important step in this direction. – Putin

Trump and Putin once more showed their effect on the market. By the time Trump began to speak, the DOW Jones was moving up in response to the stoic and lukewarm comments from the Russian President.

Trump took a moment to pay his respect to Putin for the nation’s successful hosting of this summer’s World Cup and congratulated the Russian soccer team on their performance. He spoke openly about a more than 90-minute private meeting between Trump and Putin from earlier in the afternoon:

It went very well.  From the earliest days of our Republic, our leaders have understood that diplomacy and engagement is preferable to conflict and hostility.  Last century our nations fought alongside one another in the second world war. Our relationship has never been worse than it is now. However, that changed as of about four hours ago. I really believe that. – Trump 

Trump didn’t wait long before lashing out at his critics back home in America:

As President, I can’t make decisions on foreign policy in a feudal effort to appease partisan critics or the media or Democrats who want to do nothing but resist and obstruct. As President, I will always put what is best for America and the American people. – Trump

As the conference opened up to the press corps it was Jeff Mason of Reuters who asked the hard questions of the afternoon. He queried whether Trump holds Russia at all accountable for reported collusion into the 2016 Presidential Election:

Yes I do. I hold both countries responsible. I think that the United States has been foolish. I think we’ve all been foolish. We should’ve had this dialogue a long time ago. A long time, frankly, before I got to office. I think we’re all to blame. I think the United States now will step forward with Russia and we have a chance to do some great things. I think the probe has been a disaster for our country. I think it’s kept us apart. There was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it – Trump

Trump and Putin both brushed aside potential Russian collusion questions. Trump reiterated his dismissal of collusion talks and suggested he beat Hillary Clinton with ease. His ego, even on this international stage, can’t help from preening. Putin also disregarded the continued investigation into the 2016 United States election as a misguided pursuit that only hurts the relationship between countries. He called Russia a Democratic society and pointed out that private citizens acting on their own interests should not be confused with the Russian political state.

Putin went further when he proposed that Mueller’s team go to Russia and watch the questioning of the 12 indicted Russian. Against the backdrop of frustrated reporters, Trump and Putin shook hands for the cameras and walked off stage in partnership.

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