President Mike Pence? Liberals Have Lost Their Minds

Vice President Mike Pence
Spencer Kellogg Neale | @Spencer_Kellogg

Nevermind how it came to this, here we are: President Mike Pence. The words cut through the mouth like sawdust or jagged glass.

That Mike Pence

Trump derangement syndrome has officially reached its explosive zenith—many liberals are now clamoring for Mike Pence, one of the most socially conservative and rigidly religious men in America, to hold our highest office.

This is the same Mike Pence, who as governor of Indiana signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country. It’s the same Mike Pence who made it legal for Indiana businesses to discriminate against LGBT+ customers on the shaky grounds of ‘religious freedom’. That Mike Pence would be forced to amend the legislation only a week later after a nationwide backlash threatened the economic security of the state.

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Why Poland Must Annex Ukraine

Daniel Szwec | @szewc_daniel

Historically speaking, the Baltic-Black Sea isthmus, currently occupied by the Polish and Ukrainian states has always experienced extremely strong policical forces, ones set on uniting the region into a single political entity. From having a monopoly on the non-Scandinavian geopolitical European Rimland’s border, to being the crossing of trade routes from North to South, and East to West, the region was already in a political union, in the form of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, during which the region enjoyed enormous prosperity and had the largest aristocratic class in all of Europe. What’s more, the geopolitical longing for uniformity may be seen as one of the major causes for the first world war- the region was split in between the Entente and the central powers- Western Poland belonging to the German Empire, the East of Poland and the Ukraine belonging to the Russian Tsardom, and Galicia belonging to Austria-Hungary.

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