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Cannabis Cola: Coke Interested in CBD-infused Product

By Spencer Kellogg | @Spencer_Kellogg

The Marijuana boom is alive and well in the United States. Although many states contest the legality of marijuana, major American companies already have an eye on the future.

On Monday morning, Coke announced that it is in preliminary discussion with Aurora Cannabis Inc. According to a Bloomberg report, Coke has initiated talks with the Canada pot company over including the nonpsychoactive ingredient in its drink line in the future. The company refused to discuss the plan in depth. However, Coke spokesperson Kent Landers did confirm that the company is “closely watching” the sector.

Aurora’s stock price rocketed more than 25% following the news. Other leading companies such as Tilray also saw a significant uptick after the announcement. Aurora is one of the top cannabis companies in Canada with a market valuation of more than $8 billion. With Canada ready to legalize marijuana on Oct. 17, Canada companies have grown rapidly as consumers excitedly enter the nascent market.

The move marks a definitive shift in market interests for the soda giant who purchased Costa Coffee for $5 billion in early August. With concerns regarding the decline in soda consumption and an eye towards the regulation of soft drinks, Coke is hoping that cannabis-laced products could provide an entirely new market of consumers. It could also have an impact on the image of Coca-Cola as it attempts to gain traction with a younger generation.

The news is further validation that a major marijuana market is waiting to be tapped by consumers and speculators alike. Constellation Brands, the owner of Corona and Svedka vodka, recently invested $4 billion into the Canadian pot company Canopy Growth. Lagunitas already has a THC infused beer available for purchase at marijuana dispensaries in California.

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Rand Paul Betrayed Us, But He Is Not Alone

By James Sweet III | United States

Rand Paul has been described as a liberty-loving, charismatic, honest man, paving the way for small government in the United States Senate. From filibustering the Patriot Act renewal to live-tweeting his reading of the most recent omnibus spending bill, it is safe to say that many describe the senator accurately. He has caused great anger among establishment Republicans (for good reason) by disobeying their partisan politics. Sadly, he is human, and humans make mistakes. He voted in favor of a positive report for Mike Pompeo, who is now the new Secretary of State. This was a blatant betrayal of the ground he and many of his supporters stood on.

Senator Paul openly stood against the nomination of Mike Pompeo, with the former CIA Director’s statements on striking Iran being a main concern for the senator, and rightfully so. Secretary Pompeo has also stated in a CBS interview that “make no mistake about it, we are doing things today that the CIA was not doing a year ago, and there’s more risk attached to those.” Expanding the surveillance state is something that Rand Paul stands against, and he knew that Mike Pompeo was okay with expanding it. Yet, he still decided to change his mind and vote in favor of Mike Pompeo.


Senator Paul tweeted his decision to vote in favor of Pompeo.

Having received assurances from President Trump and Director Pompeo that he agrees with the President on these important issues, I have decided to support his nomination to be our next Secretary of State.

Senator Rand Paul


He was assured that Mike Pompeo believed the Iraq War was a mistake. It’s great knowing that the Secretary recognizes the mistakes made in the past. However, it means nothing if he believes in striking Iran or expanding harsh tactics before diplomacy. After all, the Secretary of State is one of the leading diplomats of the nation.

Senator Paul wasn’t the only senator on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that betrayed us that day. Senator Chris Coons is a Democrat, and initially followed in with his party, voting against Mike Pompeo in the committee. However, with Rand Paul voting in favor of Pompeo, and one senator absent, the vote was now 10-10. The missing senator was a Republican, but was busy at a funeral, speaking at it.

The committee could’ve waited until the senator returned, with his vote being the tiebreaker, but Senator Coons decided to not wait. He announced to the Committee he would abstain if a second vote occurred. Of course, due to this announcement, a second vote did occur. The new tally: 10 in the affirmation, 9 in the negation, 1 abstention. Because of this “bipartisan” move, the Senate gave Pompeo a positive report, enabling his senate confirmation.

Senator Rand Paul voted a war-hawk into the position of Secretary of State, and Senator Chris Coons compromised his principles and policies for a quicker and easier process for someone he disagreed with. It is disappointing to see that two Senators compromised their beliefs due to outside pressure to do so.

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