New York Bill to Force Kids to Get HPV Vaccine

vaccine merck gardasil hpv new york
Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

A New York State bill will mandate school children to get the HPV vaccine to attend public school if it passes. Currently, a version of the bill is in committee in both the Assembly and Senate. This comes as part of Governor Cuomo’s partnership with Merck’s ILÚM Health Solutions in creating a “Platform to Detect, Treat and Prevent the Spread of Infectious Disease”. But is this particular HPV vaccine even safe for the public to obtain?

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Greta Thunberg: A Virtue Signaling Disaster

Greta Thunberg climate change
Othman J. Mekhloufi | @othmanmekhloufi

Young, red-cheeked, cute, and female, Greta Thunberg checks all of the boxes. As a result, the blissfully ignorant have fallen in love with her and bought into her baseless, nonsensical statements. Yesterday morning, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist filed a complaint with the United Nations against five of the world’s major economies, alleging they violated human rights by not taking adequate measures to halt climate change. Namely, she criticized France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, and Turkey.

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Vapes and E-cigs 96% Safer Than Cigarettes, Study Reveals

vapes e-cigs vaping safer nicotine
Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

On Wednesday, President Trump announced a desire to ban flavored e-cigarette products nationwide. The move comes after six people have died after using vapes or other e-cigarette products. To put that in perspective, nine million adults vape regularly; tens of millions more adults and teens have tried vaping at least once. In particular, Juul is facing backlash due to its heavy nicotine concentration. But what does the science say about vaping?

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Andrew Yang to Make History at the Next Democratic Debate

andrew yang no tie debate stein
Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

Reporter Sam Stein claims on Twitter to have had a phone conversation with presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s campaign manager. Stein claims that the manager told him “Yang will be doing something no presidential candidate has ever done before in history.” Neither Stein nor the Yang campaign have given further details. The tweet has left many in awe of Yang’s plans for tomorrow’s debate. Andrew Yang will be on stage with nine other candidates also competing for the limelight.

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State Senator Admits that Taxation Is Theft

daniel biss taxation is theft
Tyler Curtis | @tylercurtis42

In a rare and stunning example of political honesty, a state senator admitted a common libertarian mantra on Friday: taxation is theft. Responding to an article on Elizabeth Warren’s proposed “wealth tax” written by American Enterprise Institute scholar Michael R. Strain, former Democratic Illinois state senator Daniel Biss candidly stated that taxation is essentially thievery. 

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