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Venezuelan military protests Maduro

Venezuelan Military Shoots, Kills Citizens Protesting Maduro

Street protests are turning violent as the Venezuelan military and security forces split allegiances between Juan Guaido and Nicolas Maduro.

Is Democratic Socialism the Way Forward?

The political climate in the United States is shifting, and democratic socialism is gaining more support from younger constituents. Should we pursue it?

This Blockchain Project Could Save Venezuela

The Venezuelan Bolivar is constantly losing value, hurting all that hold the currency in the nation. However, thanks to the blockchain, this could change.

Is Maduro The Venezuelan Allende?

President Maduro is leading his socialist regime in Venezuela much like the way Salvador Allende did in Chile. Will his regime continue or be taken down?

Bitcoin Is Not Dead

They Can't Kill The King

I Survived Socialist Venezuela

A story from a teenager living inside of socialist Venezuela.

Venezuela Certifies 16 Crypto Exchanges After Petro Pre-Sales

Maduro has certified 16 cryptocurrency exchanges.

Venezuela’s New Cryptocurrency Will be Held to an “Oil Standard”

Maduro has moved to back the Petro with its massive oil reserves.

Venezuela to Create its Own Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin did not become the most valuable currency on the planet due to regulation by banks or the government, it became valuable because there was none

That “Economist” Who Wants Bitcoin Banned? He’s Full of Crap.

Joseph Stiglitz is behind the game with his senseless attacks of Bitcoin.