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An NPC Hate Mob Is Born in Blind Support of Nathan Phillips

Without looking into the whole story, millions in the anti-Trump crowd are unjustly rallying to condemn a child's admittedly creepy smile towards Nathan Phillips.

End the Wars: The Only Way to Support the Troops

It’s time. End the Wars and Bring them Home now.

A New Hope for Congress – Jason Hope for House of Reps

An interview with Jason Hope, Texan candidate for House of Representatives

#FinallyFreeAmerica – Interview with Adam Kokesh

An exclusive interview with 2020 Presidential candidate, Adam Kokesh.

We Must Privatize the Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Our veterans are dying under the current system of public Veterans Affairs, and it is time to better care for them through a privatization of the agency.

Politicians Are Standing In The Way Of Our Veterans

Politicians are cost-averse when defining the levels of severity of PTSD for which government funding is available.

New Mexican Libertarian Lloyd Princeton Runs For US Congress

By Spencer Kellogg | New Mexico Lloyd Princeton is the founder of Design Management Company, a national recruiting firm. He has recently announced his candidacy for the 1st Congressional District of New Mexico as a Libertarian. 71 Republic's Spencer Kellogg sat down with Mr. Princeton to discuss his thoughts on the 2018 Congressional Race. Why ...

NFL is Taking From Breast Cancer, Veteran Funds, To Pay For ‘Social Justice’ Settlement

The football league is taking money out of funds set to help military veterans, just so they can fund a social justice project.