Tag: Violence

Although Beneficial, Vaccination Should Be Entirely Voluntary

The vast amount of misinformation about vaccination is concerning, as vaccines are safer than ever. Still, vaccination should not be required by law.

The Beast: An Anti-War Poem

An original free-verse poem reflecting on the inhumanity of war, which the State often creates, inadvertently or otherwise.

Abolish The TSA

The Federal Program Has Come To Represent A Malignant Surveillance State

Political Language is Biased Against Nonviolence

By passively, instead of proactively, describing ideals like small government and nonviolence, the freedom movement is digging its own grave.

6 Times The United States Government Massacred Americans

Unbeknownst to most, in fact, some of the most tragic massacres committed against American civilians have been perpetrated by the American government itself.

The Problems With Police & Their Unions

For Justice to stand, everyone must be equal under the law. No president, soldier, officer, or king should get any extra privileges under the law.

Nikolas Cruz Pointed Gun at Family, Report Says

Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz had a violent past.

America is Less Culturally Free than it Realizes

American culture is filled with violence, not freedom

Drug Prohibition is Not the Government’s Responsibility

Drug prohibition is an inherently violent policy.

Advocacy For Any Law is Advocacy For Violence

When we talk about the betterment of society, it should be through the paradigm of peace, cooperation, and voluntarism.