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New Year’s Resolutions for the Libertarian Movement

The libertarian movement needs to evaluate what goals it wants to achieve in 2019 if it wants to expand and appeal to the American people.

If I broke into your house

If I Broke into Your House

If I broke into your house, you would think I did something wrong, but if I broke into your country, it would be standard American practice.

The Tyranny and Failure of Coercive Paternalism

Coercive Paternalism, the ideology that is responsible for government intervention in our daily lives, is flawed and neglects the rights of the individual.

The Trump Administration Is Making the Right Moves

The President is often portrayed in a negative light by the mainstream media despite succeeding in policy goals that have affected Americans positively.

US Plans to Withdraw Troops from Syria

The US had made the decision to pull its troops from Syria, where they have been training rebel fighters.

The Senate Strikes Back

Winning elections is harder to do when you are being held accountable for screwing up a difficult and unpopular decision.

The Second Amendment is Still Working

The second amendment is necessary to protect the people from government tyranny, and is still effective in providing a means of resistance.

Ukraine Requests Assistance from NATO

After Russia seized several Ukrainian Naval vessels in the Sea of Azov, the country has asked NATO for military assistance.

These 37 Senate Members Voted To Continue The War In Yemen

As the American-backed war in Yemen continues, these 37 Senators voted against the discussion of an end.

Soldiers under Helicopter

Senate Votes to Move Forward in Debate of American Involvement in Yemen

The United States Senate has voted to move forward with a resolution that could possibly end American involvement in the Yemen Civil War.