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The Walkout Movement Is Just Another Instance Of Ridiculous Lefist Reverse Virtue-Signaling

By Austin Anderholt | United States

Why I will be the only student not to walk out on March 14th

In reaction to the Stoneman Douglas high school shooting that killed 17 on February 14th, many Americans (especially youth) are planning on walking out of school sometime in the next few months. As it seems, the most popular one of these will occur on March 14th, where at 10:00 AM, students and teachers will walk out of class for 17 minutes to “mourn” the loss of the 17 victims of this large school shooting. I go to an extremely liberal school, and many students (as well as some teachers) are planning on engaging in this walkout. I personally find this repulsive, and although I am sure I will be one of the only students at my school to do so, I will not be participating in the 17-minute walk out.

Shortly after president Donald Trump’s inauguration, a group of feminists organized a nationwide protest called “The Women’s March”. Essentially, the idea of the protest was to attack the president as much as possible while still pretending that their march was to support women’s rights.

I’ve nicknamed this tactic the “Heads I win, tails you lose tactic.” Imagine this scenario:

A party gives you an ultimatum. They say “If you participate in our event that means you support our movement, but if you do not participate, it is not because you disagree with our movement, but because you support evil.” If you disagree with the ideas of said party, this gives you two options. You can either choose to join the party’s event with which you disagree with, or you can not join the event, wherein the party in reference will state that it is because you are an evil person. It’s a lose-lose situation.

This reverse virtue signaling tactic is commonly used by leftists. For example, the demonstrators in the Women’s March protest were almost entirely protesting against Trump. Their signs, speeches, and costumes were virtually 100% attacks on Trump. However, many of these feminists would freak out if one said: “I disagree with the Women’s March movement.” Why? Because many of these feminists are still pretending that these marches were for “Equal rights” and could, therefore, disregard any political dissent as “Sexist” and “Against equality.”

This “heads I win, tails you lose” tactic is now also being used by the left to push their gun control doctrine. Many students at my school are telling me that:

“The student walkout is about mourning the parkland students and mourning the parkland students alone. It isn’t about gun control, so if you choose not to participate you’re saying you don’t care about the parkland victims.”

“The student walkout is about gun control, and to join the protest would be to support gun control. If you choose not to participate, you’re saying that you oppose gun control.”

These statements are of course contradictory, and as someone who is both opposed to gun control, and cares about the Parkland victims, I am stuck in quite the predicament. This is why the left loves these kinds of protests. They force you to either side with them and be considered “A good person” or to disagree with these radicals and then be considered some sort of monster. Heads, they win. Tails, you lose.

So what’s the solution? Well, there’s two:

First, one could organize a counter-protest. This way, they could support the second amendment and solidarity with the Parkland victims.

The second option is what I am doing. That being refusing to participate publicly. By publicly calling out the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of the protest, you are not only fighting this leftist lie, but you are delegitimizing and showing other potential protesters how stupid and disgusting the movement really is.


The Double Edged Sword of Feminism

By Addie Mae Villas | USA

Feminism, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is 1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes and 2: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. Feminism was Merriam-Webster’s Word of the year due to the number of searches as well as the increase in feminist actions, but often times, modern-day feminists only organize on behalf of the people who side with them. In a poll done by the Washington Post, 43% of women consider themselves feminists while 30% do not consider themselves to be feminists at all. Due to the actions of modern feminists, there’s no doubt that so many women turn from the word.

Over the span of the past year, there have been numerous times that the so-called champions of equality have torn down their own just because they have a different opinion. Chelsea Handler, a proclaimed feminist, has always been quick to tear down those she disagrees with by making attacks against their looks. Sure, one may not agree with the stances of someone, but in no way is it in anyone’s interest to degrade another person. Even with that, feminists of the left often forget about all the accomplishments of women that are being made across the aisle. Nancy Pelosi interrupted a White House dinner with the statement “Does anybody listen to women when they speak around here?” and when news of that broke, so many applauded the bold statement. Yet, they seem to conveniently forget that Nikki Haley is the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one of the three female White House Press Secretaries in history, Kellyanne Conway is the first female to successfully manage a US presidential campaign, and Hope Hicks is currently serving as the White House Communications Director. With so many strong women making their mark in history, it’s time that feminists put down their feud with the right and acknowledge the strides being made.

Feminists in America are so adamantly fighting for equality in the workplace, stating that men are paid more than their female counterparts. Although the wage gap has been proven wrong, and legislation has been put in place to ensure equal pay, they still insist that more needs to be done. Since equality is already created, what more do they want? Living in the United States, women see liberties that are not prevalent elsewhere. But the hypocrisy of the leftist feminists is that they never fight for equal opportunity or the best interests of the ones that truly need feminism. Looking at what’s happening in Tehran, women all over are fighting the government for their freedoms. The events in Iran should be cheered from women all over, especially the feminists of America. But, what makes the whole situation worse is that women in America play the victim card of being a woman as a cop-out when situations are not ideal to their circumstances.

My final qualm with modern day feminism is the image that comes along with it. As stated before, the feminists of today have given themselves an image of degrading women and acting out. With the Women’s March, we saw around four million people march in D.C. to advocate for women’s rights. But, of course, the feminists were not fully inclusive. They disregarded a pro-life group that was also feminist. Of course in the modern day version of feminism, one must completely comply with the leftist agenda. Besides the fact that by banning the group they embraced the very hypocrisy they claim to fight, forgetting that the group simply wanted their own form of equality. Personally, I believe the Women’s March was a wasted opportunity. They gave a negative connotation to the feminist movement with their explicit hats and toxic masculinity mantra. They also missed entirely the mark as to why the march was occurring. By creating a platform that strictly followed the agenda of modern day liberalism, organizers made it increasingly difficult for women across the aisle to participate, despite fully believing in equality.

When addressing the problem of modern-day feminism it comes down to being a victim, or moving past the identity politics and being more than one’s gender. Stephen Covey once said “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” By not allowing things such as gender or race to get in the way of success, real progress would be made.

The New Radical and Violent Left

By Colin Louis | USA

The left has become notably more radical and violent. Recently an attack on US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) once again illustrated an increase in violence by leftists. This assault was similar to another leftist attack when a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on a GOP baseball practice. These stories help to show that the left has gotten more violent and radical recently. Are all leftists to blame? Well of course not, the majority of left wingers are peaceful and would never inflict harm on another human being. However, radical leftism has become very mainstream. Here are a few examples of potentially violent people and their connections to the mainstream left.

The Women’s March

The women’s march on Washington took place January 21st, 2017. The rallies held across the world drew out thousands of activists in resistance to the Trump administration. Praised by the media for promoting equality and love the Women’s march was actually extremely radical. One of the group’s leaders Linda Sarsour is a “proudly Muslim” activist who

advocates for sharia law.Sharia law is Islamic rule, what feminist and equality loving ideas do sharia law promote? None, sharia law integrates rape, slavery, female genital mutilation, the murder of gays, and sexual abuse of women. Not very “feminist” values. Don’t believe that a co-chair of the Women’s march would support such actions? Well, Sarsour tweeted an attack on a survivor of genital mutilation saying “I wish I could take their vaginas away.”

This barbaric and absurd behavior can’t be justified.

We’ll surely their speakers aren’t dangerous? Not the case, because Hollywood icon Madonna gave her speech at the Women’s march where she said she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House!”  Not very moderate and loving of her.

The Women’s March also tweeted in celebration of the birthday of convicted cop killer and member of the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur. Shakur fled to Cuba after escaping a New Jersey prison where she was in for a life sentence due to her role in the murder of officer Werner Foerster. This earned her a spot on the FBI most wanted list.

Some say that all these actions aren’t representative of the whole organization. Except the Women’s march made a point to prevent pro-life feminists from coming to the rallies. Mainstream politicians such as Bernie Sanders attended these rallies. The Women’s march may seem innocent in its cause and no reasonable person has any objection to women’s equality, however, the ideas pushed by Linda Sarsour and other Women’s march activists are not acceptable. We can’t surrender to the chains of political correctness and not call the women’s march out on these behaviors.

Threats and attacks

President Trump has received an alarming amount of threats in his presidency.  Of course, it is typical for a President to receive death threats, but his are in alarming numbers. Remember when Kathy Griffin held a cut off head of Trump? Later she apologized, but when all had calmed down she took her apology back. As mentioned earlier, Senator Rand Paul was recently attacked at his home in Kentucky by his democratic neighbor. While many have denounced this act of violence some online have encouraged it. Comments online such as “about time, Donald’s neighbor, we need you too!” Real things said by real leftists sympathetic to real violence. Ben Garrison accurately sums this up in one cartoon depicting leftists sparking a fuse on far left terror with such fear mongering phrases.


A name you may have heard in the news is Antifa, or anti-fascist action. Antifa is a radical far left group on the rise in America, and they are intent on painting all conservatives as fascist and worthy of censorship and violence. Earlier this year members of Antifa shut down conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. The group is so radical that even mainstream media have begun denouncing them. Recently Trevor Noah called the “vegan ISIS.” Antifa has been so controversial that the Department of Homeland security considers them a domestic terror group. 

All of these groups and actions are examples of radical and dangerous leftism on the rise in America. The actions of these groups that justify violence and radical ideas are crazy and represent just how far the “mainstream” has gotten. Movements like the Women’s March chain us to their radical ideas with political correctness.

Colin Louis is a writer for 71 Republic and advocate against foreign intervention, taxes, political correctness, statism, and globalism. He believes in libertarianism and western culture. You can follow him on Instagram @the_libertarian_nationalist