2018 Has Not Been a Good Year for Libertarian Republicans

Libertarian Republicans, throughout the past year, have faced a number of critical setbacks to their movement in the House and Senate.

Gary Johnson in Second Place in NM Senate Race Poll

A new poll has Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in second place in the New Mexico Senate race, 10 points above Republican Mick Rich.

This Kentucky Multi-Media Shop Surged its Town’s Economy

Appalshop, a multi-media company in Eastern Kentucky, has grown massively over the last half century and is helping to reduce poverty.

California Wants to Regulate Options for Kids’ Drinks

A new bill in California would affect the way that restaurants in California can market drinks, in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity.

End the Wars: The Only Way to Support the Troops

It’s time. End the Wars and Bring them Home now.

Welcome to The International! Rogers Arena Hosts Dota 2 Championships.

Teams face off at The International for the Dota 2 championships, as the gaming industry prepares to start using the blockchain.

Richard Russell, Kierkegaard, and the Crisis of Modernity

Danish philosopher Kierkegaard's attitudes on the human condition and despair are largely applicable in the modern society.

Why We Moved To Canada

Why leaving the United States (but not going too far) is looking more and more like the right decision for many Americans.

Can You Solve the Lawnmower Paradox?

In a free society, property rights and contract law work with each other, but in the lawnmower paradox, they work against each other.

We Could Survive Without Speed Limits

Speed limits are immoral and ineffective, and are simply not necessary for the safety of a free society.