Trump on Moore Loss: “I was right”

Trump called that Moore wasn't his guy and did not have what it takes.

Rand Paul’s Vote is About to Become Much More Powerful

Rand Paul may have just become the new deciding factor in nearly every Republican decision for the foreseeable future.

Unmarked Police Vehicles are Just Another Step into the American Police State

Police vehicles with no clarification of allegiance pose a threat to American liberties.

From War With Mexico to the Rise of the Republicans: The Politics Leading to the Civil War

By Mason Mohon | USA Pre Civil War political history began in 1844, particularly with the election. It resulted in a series of events that would result in America's biggest in-country conflict. The 1844 election was between Democrat James Polk and Whig Henry Clay. The two parties had very different outlooks about American policy. The ...

Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Sexual Misconduct?

An old op-ed written by the New Jersey Senator could be seen as controversial to some.

JSE: The New Top Prospect of Crypto

JSEcoin may be the next big thing in the world of crypto.

NFL Network Suspends Three Reporters Amid Sexual Assault Allegations; Formal Complaint Filed

Three reporters have been suspended from the NFL network.

A Letter from the Editor: 71 Republic 1, Mainstream Media 0

71 Republic pulls an incredible feat of journalism by out-reporting major news organizations in the Alabama special election.

Alabama Senate Election: LIVE Coverage

In a race full of scandals, mudslinging, and party politics, the Alabama Senate Election, regardless of its victor, will be one for the ages.


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