NFL Playoffs: Let Downs & Upsets

In the sports world, today saw many upsets and changes, especially in the NFL.

THEKEY.RIP: The Story Behind The Worst ICO of 2018

Internet 3.0 Breaks Under Weight Of Internet 2.0

2018 NFL Playoff Picks: Minnesota Vikings Vs New Orleans Saints Divisional Round Odds & Predictions

It’s a matchup of well known established veterans versus a resurrected supposed reborn veteran under center as the New Orleans Saints travel to Minneapolis to take on the Vikings in a freezing cold uphill battle.

Germany is Turning Towards Authoritarianism Again

Merkel came to power in 2005.  As of late, she has devoted herself to the destruction of Germany. 

Reporter Shouts ‘Are You Racist?’ at Trump after MLK Jr. Proclaimation

By Jason Patterson | USA As President Trump was signing a proclamation celebrating the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, a news reporter April Ryan screamed, “Are you racist?” as Trump shook hands with several equal rights activists. During the press conference, President Trump quoted "Today we celebrate Dr. King for standing up for ...

Putin Knows Who Attempted to Destroy Russian Foreign Relations With Attacks on Russian Military Facilities

Putin expressed that the terrorists intended to damage Russia’s relations with Turkey and Iran

US Media Bias is the Worst In the World, According to Pew Research Center

The five major US sources are showing a definite right or left bias. Why do people watch or read these?

Trump Foreign Policy: An Anti-Globalist Crusade? An Aggressive Militaristic Regime? Or Both?

Libertarian non-interventionists and anti-globalists alike have much to be optimistic about, as well as a lot to be pessimistic about.

A Man and a Monster – Short Story

A young SS officer faces the difficult task of choosing between his task and his conviction.


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