Common Misconceptions About The Universal Basic Income

As Automation Looms, UBI Rears Its Head

ICON Up More Than 50% Ahead Of Exchange Listings & Token Swap

South Korean Cryptocurrency Aims To Hyperconnect The World

Ledger Nano Wallet Hacked By 15 Year Old Genius

The Popular Cryptocurrency Wallet Is Addressing Concerns

Bernie Would Slaughter

Sanders Would be a Dangerous President, but Could Beat Trump in a Landslide

Conservation Offers Reasons For Conditional Optimism, But We Seem To Prefer Feeling Glum

Why is it that humanity prefers pre-emptive sadness about the state of the environment, rather than working towards conservation and a better future?

Republican policies are shifting, but is it on the Right Issues?

After the Parkland shooting, Republican lawmakers are attempting to change their policies on gun control to attract more voters, but is it working?

Raleigh Police Demand Google Release GPS Data Of Users Near Crime Scenes

North Carolina Authorities Use Courts To Access Cell Data

Planning Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio: An Interview With Ben, Founder Of The Crypto Planner

Last week, 71 Republic's Matthew Geiger sat down with Ben, Founder of The Crypto Planner (TCP). TCP is a Cryptocurrency investing advisement agency tailored for the "average joe."

Maryland Shooting Proves Necessity of Armed Security

The Bravery Of An Armed SRO Saves Lives In Maryland School

Kokesh Announces “Big Easy Book Bomb” Ahead Of Libertarian National Convention

The Libertarian Presidential Candidate Wants To Deliver The Message of FREEDOM! To Your Mailbox

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