Libertarians Need to Embrace Bitcoin to Succeed

The only way libertarianism can succeed is if it can sell a short term benefit to the masses. And Bitcoin is the way to do that.

How Murray Rothbard Helped in Creating Trump

President Donald J. Trump can be called a right-wing populist, with the platform that he ran on in 2016 largely being rooted in the principles of Rothbard.

The Gillette Ad Lets Men See Themselves in a Different Light

Ask the women in your life what are some things you could do to help them feel safer, or ask them things they fear in everyday life that you probably don’t even think twice about and think of ways you could make that a better experience for women all around you.

Raising the Minimum Wage Will Harm Workers and the Economy

When small businesses must compensate their employees for more than they initially produce, compensation is rendered financially impossible.

George Mason

George Mason: The Forgotten Founding Father

Though he did not sign the Constitution, George Mason should be remembered as a hugely influential figure in early American history.

Gun store Oregon gun law

Proposed Oregon Gun Bill: Ineffective and Oppressive

The newest piece of gun control legislation, originally proposed by students in Oregon, would cripple the rights and safety of over a million gun owners.

Kennedy signs bill Cuban Project

The Cuban Project: Is the U.S. Willing to Kill Its Citizens?

Declassified Pentagon documents show that American public officials were willing to go to disturbing lengths to provoke a war with Cuba.

Adam Kokesh 2020

Adam Kokesh Begins Presidential Campaign, Gets Arrested

After organizing a "Book Bomb" in New Orleans and dealing with some harsh police backlash, Adam Kokesh has jumpstarted his presidential campaign.

This Blockchain Project Could Save Venezuela

The Venezuelan Bolivar is constantly losing value, hurting all that hold the currency in the nation. However, thanks to the blockchain, this could change.

Trump burgers hamburgers fast food

The Trump and Clemson Hamburger Party Is a Non-issue

While serious issues grip our nation, media has taken an undeserved vacation to write on the semantics of the Clemson Hamburger Party.