Category: Technology

The “CryptoRuble” is Born

Russia will begin to issue its own cryptocurrency.

Climate Change and the Plight of Modern Science

The long-held principles of a scientific world are being questioned and will shake our modern society to its core.

Foresight? Who needs it?

An exploration into the relationship of the entrepreneur and the phenomenon of time preference

Hacking the US Election: How to Change Presidential Vote Counts

Tensions have been high over whether or not American democracy is intact, but what would it take to break our election cycle apart?

Yes, Bitcoin Is A Bubble

Bitcoin Investor Max Bibeau provides an in depth analysis of the "Bitcoin bubble."

BOMBS AWAY: Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” Algorithm Can Prompt Users To Buy Bomb Making Ingredients

The E-Commerce giant is facing backlash after it's "Frequently Bought Together" algorithm suggests bomb making ingredients to customers.

Think Tank Funded By Google Fires Employee for Criticizing Tech Giant

After the firing of an employee solely for criticizing Google, think tanks around the US learned just how much influence the tech giant has over the content that can be released.

frank. — To Be Frank, An Excellent Phone

The frank. phone is a new alternative looking to take on the big phone markets of Google, Samsung and Apple.

The Capitalistic Beauty of Air Travel

Our seemingly expensive airline tickets seem much cheaper when the bigger picture is looked at.

Bitcoin Reaches Record Value

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency currently on the market, has reached a record high value of $3409 at about 8:00 am on August 7th according to Coinbase.