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Bitcoin Reaches Record Value

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency currently on the market, has reached a record high value of $3409 at about 8:00 am on August 7th according to Coinbase.

HBO The Victim of Alleged 1.5 Terabyte Hack

By Max Bibeau | USA   Home Box Office, the multibillion dollar entertainment company better known as HBO, has suffered a major hack of its systems. The hack has compromised countless documents and has led to the leaking of episodes of shows, images, and more. The issue was made public through a report sent to ...

The Full Story of The Bitcoin Split

Bitcoin holder Max Bibeau discusses Bitcoin Cash fluctuation, the Coinbase lawsuit, and the future of Bitcoin mining.

iPhone manufacturing to be considered in America by FoxConn

Could iPhone's soon be made in the United States?

Employment at Record High with High Demand for Jobs and Recruiters

With the unemployment rate at a more-than-a-decade low and job openings at a record high, workers in every sector are becoming valuable

Sexual Harassment Hurts Women and the Future of the Tech Industry

By Austin Cherkas | USA Picture this: you go to college to get a degree in an industry that the people in that industry are very different than you. You get your degree and join the workforce. You love your job, and over the years you acquire a large amount of success. Then suddenly, you ...

Lessons About Bad Bureaucracy from the U.S. Navy

Floating a total of 236 ships, 10 of which are aircraft carriers, the USN has global reach and is perfectly capable of projecting American military power anywhere

iOS 11 Review: Top 3 New Features To Expect

By Maxwell Hessling | TECH iOS 11 is coming soon to an iPhone near you. The iPhone's new operating system was unveiled and demoed in front of a massive audience at the 2017 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. I've listed the top three new features to expect below: 1. Do Not Disturb while Driving. This feature is ...

Security and Privacy With Mobile Health (mHealth)

Mobile apps are for example used in developing countries to increase the coverage and the access to public healthcare. However, many projects fail because issues related to data security and privacy cannot be successfully integrated into the systems.

GIF Turns 30 Years Old!

30 years ago today the .gif file format was created. Today the internet is flooded with a variety of GIFs