Peacock vs Paramount Plus: We Compared It For You

Streaming services have become integral to our entertainment landscape, offering a myriad of choices for viewers. Among these, Peacock and Paramount Plus have emerged as prominent players.

This blog post aims to provide an exhaustive comparison between these two services, focusing on various aspects such as content availability, user experience, pricing, and additional features.

By examining each element in detail, we aim to offer valuable insights that can help you make an informed decision about which service best suits your entertainment needs.

Brief Overview

Streaming Service - paramount vs peacock

Peacock, launched by NBCUniversal, brings a unique proposition to the streaming table. With its debut in July 2020, Peacock quickly garnered attention for its varied content offerings, including a mix of original programming, classic shows, movies, live sports, and news.

One of Peacock’s standout features is its tiered pricing structure, which includes a completely free version with limited content access, and paid versions that unlock a more extensive library. This approach not only caters to a wide audience but also provides a flexible entry point for viewers.

Paramount Plus, formerly CBS All Access, rebranded and relaunched in March 2021, is ViacomCBS’s response to the streaming competition. It offers a rich catalog that includes a blend of original programming, beloved classic shows, blockbuster movies, and an impressive lineup of live sports.

The platform differentiates itself with its broad spectrum of content from various networks under the ViacomCBS umbrella, including CBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and more. Similar to Peacock, Paramount Plus provides various pricing tiers, catering to different user preferences with ad-supported and ad-free options.

Content Comparison


Content Category Description
Originals and Exclusives Peacock invests in original content, featuring shows like “Dr. Death,” “Saved by the Bell,” and exclusive streaming of “Yellowstone.” It also offers original movies and documentaries.
Classic Shows and Movies Access to NBCUniversal’s vast library, including iconic NBC shows such as “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Saturday Night Live.” Offers a wide range of Universal Pictures’ films.
Sports and Live TV Extensive live sports coverage, including the Olympics, NFL, NHL, and WWE events. Streams live news and late-night programming, providing real-time entertainment and information.

Paramount Plus

Category Content Offerings
Originals and Exclusives
  • New chapters in the “Star Trek” universe
  • Spin-offs like “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”
  • Revivals of beloved classics like “Frasier”
  • Exclusive streaming of shows from CBS and other ViacomCBS networks
Classic Shows and Movies
  • Beloved TV shows like “Criminal Minds,” “NCIS,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants”
  • Movies from Paramount Pictures, MGM, and Lionsgate spanning various genres and eras
Sports and Live TV
  • Access to live sports including NFL games, NCAA basketball, and UEFA soccer
  • Live broadcasts from CBS, providing news and special events coverage for real-time happenings

User Experience and Interface

Layout and Accessibility

Paramount+ User Interface

Peacock’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. The platform is designed with a focus on simplicity, making it easy for users to find and discover content. The service categorizes its offerings into well-defined sections, such as “Channels,” “Trending,” and “Genres,” facilitating a smooth browsing experience.

Paramount Plus offers a user-friendly interface that emphasizes ease of use and efficient navigation. The platform’s design is straightforward, with content neatly organized into categories such as “Shows,” “Movies,” “Live TV,” and “My List,” allowing users to quickly access their preferred content.

Personalization and Recommendations

Peacock’s recommendation engine is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that curates content based on user preferences and viewing history. This personalized approach ensures that users are regularly introduced to shows and movies that align with their interests, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

Paramount Plus also employs a recommendation system that tailors content suggestions to individual user preferences. While its algorithm is effective, some users have noted that its content discovery features could benefit from further refinement to match the sophistication seen in other major streaming services.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Peacock’s Flexible Pricing

Paramount Price

Peacock’s free tier is a significant differentiator in the streaming market. It offers over 13,000 hours of content, including selected episodes of originals, classic shows, and movies. This tier is ad-supported but provides a no-cost entry point for users to experience the platform.

Peacock Prices

Peacock Premium expands the content offering to over 20,000 hours, including full seasons of exclusive series, next-day access to current NBC hits, and additional sports content, priced at $4.99 per month.

The Premium Plus tier, at $9.99 per month, offers all the benefits of the Premium tier but with no ads and the option to download select titles for offline viewing.

Paramount Plus’s Straightforward Pricing

The Essential Plan, priced at $4.99 per month, includes access to a vast majority of Paramount Plus’s on-demand library, live NFL games and 24/7 live news with limited commercial interruptions. This plan, however, does not include local live CBS station programming.

The Premium Plan, at $9.99 per month, offers commercial-free, on-demand streaming with access to 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision titles. It also includes live local CBS stations, making it an attractive option for those seeking a more comprehensive package.

Device Compatibility and Streaming Quality

peacock device compatibility

Peacock is compatible with a wide range of devices including iOS and Android devices, web browsers, smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Vizio), streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast), and gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation).

It offers up to 4K HDR streaming on select titles and devices. While not all content is available in 4K, the platform continually expands its high-definition offerings, ensuring a superior viewing experience for subscribers.

Paramount Plus is accessible on numerous platforms such as iOS and Android devices, web browsers, smart TVs (Samsung, LG), streaming devices (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast), and gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation).

While it also supports 4K streaming for select titles, its 4K library is somewhat more limited compared to Peacock. However, the platform is consistently working to increase its high-definition content, providing a satisfactory viewing experience for its users.

Additional Features and Overall Value

Parental Controls and Multiple Profiles

Peacock stands out with its user-friendly parental control settings and the ability to create multiple profiles within a single account. This ensures a safe viewing environment for children and personalized experiences for different family members.

The platform often hosts exclusive events and movie premieres, adding value for subscribers. This includes early access to NBCUniversal movie releases and exclusive streaming of special events.

Paramount Plus: Unique Offerings

  • Expanded CBS Access: One of the biggest draws of Paramount Plus is its access to live CBS broadcasts, including local news, sports, and special events. This feature is particularly appealing for those who want to stay updated with live programming.
  • Extensive Content Library: Paramount Plus boasts a larger content library compared to Peacock, especially in terms of its classic and nostalgic titles. The service’s vast selection of content across various genres makes it a strong contender in the streaming space.


Can I watch international content on Peacock and Paramount Plus?

While Peacock primarily focuses on content from NBCUniversal, it does include a selection of international movies and shows. However, its international content is not as extensive as some other streaming services.

Paramount Plus offers a more diverse range of international content, particularly shows and movies from networks under the ViacomCBS umbrella, including titles from countries like the UK and Australia.

Are there any differences in the availability of these services based on geographic location?

Both Peacock and Paramount Plus are primarily U.S.-focused services. However, Paramount Plus has expanded to several international markets, including Latin America, Canada, and parts of Europe.

Peacock is currently more limited in its international availability but has plans to expand to more countries in the future.

Do Peacock and Paramount Plus offer content in languages other than English?

Peacock offers a limited selection of content in Spanish, including some Telemundo shows and dubbed versions of popular movies. Paramount Plus provides a wider range of non-English content, including shows and movies in multiple languages, reflecting its broader international reach.

How do the children’s content offerings compare between Peacock and Paramount Plus?

Peacock offers a range of children’s programming, including popular Universal titles and classic shows from the NBCUniversal library. It also provides a safe viewing environment with its kid-friendly profiles.

Paramount Plus has a robust selection of children’s content, particularly from Nickelodeon, making it a strong choice for families. It includes popular series, animated shows, and family-friendly movies.

Are there any exclusive benefits for subscribers of either service?

Subscribers to Peacock Premium tiers get early or exclusive access to NBCUniversal movie releases and special events that are not available on the free tier. Paramount Plus Premium subscribers enjoy added benefits like expanded live CBS access, including local station programming, which is not available on the Essential plan.

Final Words

Selecting between Peacock and Paramount Plus depends on individual preferences and priorities.

Peacock offers a unique free tier, a user-friendly interface, and a growing selection of high-quality original content.  Paramount Plus, on the other hand, excels with its extensive library, access to live CBS content and a solid range of original series.

Both services offer competitive pricing and a variety of content that can cater to a broad audience. Whether you’re a sports fan, a movie buff, or a family looking for diverse entertainment options, both Peacock and Paramount Plus offer compelling reasons to subscribe.