Orlando Shooter Kills 5, Then Self

Five deaths in Orlando on Monday morning.


By Griffen Smith | FLORIDA

Monday Morning in Orlando 5 people are dead after an ex-employee open fired at his former workplace. John Robert Nuemen Jr. walked into Fiamma Inc. in Northeast Orlando, Florida. The FBI released a statement in which they could not “connect the incident to global terrorism.”

Nueman was reportedly fired in April after a workplace violence incident with one of the employees he shot.  He was honorably discharged from the army in 1999 and has a minor criminal record which includes marijuana possession and DUI.

Fiamma Inc. is a 70 year old family run business tasked with making RV and trailer awnings.

After killing 5 he then turned the gun on himself before authorities could get to him. Most victims were shot in the head while some had multiple gunshot wounds. Their names are Kevin Clark, Jeffery Rogers, Roger Snyder, and Brenda Montanez-Crespo. One victims ID is yet to be released. it appears that there were about 12 people inside the store at the start of the shooting.


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