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The Death of Cinema

The falling world of movie theaters can teach us a thing or two about economics.

The Gender Pay Gap is Perpetuated by Young Women Who Choose Low-Paying Jobs

A UCL study has discovered that the gender pay gap is widely due to individual choices.

South Korea Heavily Regulates Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is taking a hit in South Korea, but the future does not look too bleak.

JSE: The New Top Prospect of Crypto

JSEcoin may be the next big thing in the world of crypto.

Where’s the Money? We Could Have Payed Off the Debt by Now

An MSU economist began to review government documents, and he discovered a more serious waste than we could’ve imagined.

Does The Government Use Cryptocurrency to Spy On Us?

Cryptocurrency allows for the possibility of state circumvention to arise, but could we be playing right into their hands?

Senate Bill Threatens Future of Cryptocurrency

This Senate bill may change how Cryptocurrency is bought and sold.

Your Business, Not Your Choice

Many claim that by supporting business’ right to discriminate immediately means that you are a bigot or racist. This is wrong.

Gold or Bust: How Russia and China Can Make Gold Great Again

Russia and China are going to create a new gold trade, but it is not like the rest.

Department of Justice Opens Up Investigation of Planned Parenthood

Stephen Boyd sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee requesting records from the panel’s previous congressional probe into Planned Parenthood.