Our Story

71 Republic is an independent journalism and editorial organization dedicated to providing its audience with grassroots reporting on current events and breaking news. With an emphasis on the next generation, 71R has consistently represented the Third Voice that sits outside the mainstream lens of American Media.

Launched in June of 2017, the company is a haven for free speech advocates and prides itself on featuring voices that span the political discourse. Our writing staff features staunchly antiwar voices and actively supports a limited centralized government. 71 Republic is committed to publishing voices of differing political thought and welcomes all prospective writers to reach out with ideas and insights at any time.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer – Matthew Geiger

Matthew Geiger has taken numerous roles in the liberty movement, including many leadership roles in the Libertarian Youth Caucus, one of the nation’s leading libertarian youth organizations. Additionally, Matthew runs a political consulting firm, GeigerGreen, LLC.

Matthew was also one of the 100 individuals selected to the American Legion Boys Nation program in the summer of 2018, being chosen out of a pool of roughly 22,000 boys. The program consists of 100 boys (two from every state) simulating federal politics. Matthew has also appeared on the We Are Libertarians Network twice (here and here) as well as The Rebellion Podcast (here) representing 71 Republic.

Contact Matthew at [email protected]

Chief Operations Officer – Mason Mohon

Mason Mohon is the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Content at 71 Republic. A native-born Texan, he is on his High School varsity debate team and has competed at the state and local level.

Mason’s work has been shared by Jordan Peterson and many other individuals within the liberty movement. His work covers cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, and libertarianism. Influenced by Ron Paul, Jordan Peterson, and Murray Rothbard, he constantly works to better both himself and the world around him.

Contact Mason at [email protected]

Chief Financial Officer – Andrew Zirkle

Andrew Zirkle is the CFO and a reporter for 71 Republic. He has lived in North Carolina, Colorado, and he currently resides in Maryland. He is a member of the Maryland Libertarian Party.

He founded the student education group, American Government Simulation. Andrew is a elections enthusiast and is also very interested in the workings of the economy. He takes inspiration from Milton Friedman and Murray Rothbard.

Contact Andrew at [email protected]

Editor-in-Chief – Ryan Lau

Ryan is a sophomore at the University of Vermont. The works of Leo Tolstoy, Samuel L Konkin, and Ludwig von Mises have influenced his strong libertarian beliefs and led him to seek a platform to bring those ideas into reality.

Ryan is an avid downhill skier and distance runner, and is currently training for his third marathon. He is also a talented pianist, saxophonist, and clarinetist. Looking forward, Ryan hopes to pursue a career in writing both fiction and non-fiction.

Contact Ryan at [email protected]

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