Our Story

71 Republic was born out of the minds of three teens in the summer of 2016. Originally meant to be a  news blog, the vision quickly changed, with plans to be a YouTube podcast. However, none of this was ever realized, as soon after the 2016 Presidential Election, interest in the idea faded.

In early 2017, however, one of the original three teens (Mason Mohon) decided to revive the project. Mason reached out to Matthew Geiger, who was one of the original three founders and brought him back on board. With two out of the original three founders back together, they were ready to roll. This time, however, the idea was to create a news site.

The team recruited Ryan Manthy, who had recently taken interest in the project. From January to May, the three would have conference calls every Tuesday and Thursday, for two hours each, meticulously plotting the site’s creation. In addition, the team raised over 500 dollars to pay for the start-up costs.

As time went on, the vision broadened, and the plan was for 71 Republic to be more than just a website, but a company.

In order to realize this, the three decided to bring on two more people, Maxwell Hessling and Gavin Ganey, both of whom, were teenagers as well.

The five of them, using the money previously raised, designed the site. In addition, they invited three prevalent politicians to participate in a live stream video on June 10th, 2017, that would signify the site’s launch.

Launch day came and went, and the five teens (accompanied by friends and other politically involved youth) went hard at work, writing articles each and every day, slowly but surely increasing the viewership of the website. In the process of doing so, the new website was able to land an exclusive interview with a New Hampshire State Representative, who was switching his political affiliation. Not only did the 71 Republic team interview him, but they were the first news outlet to report the story, adding to the fledgling site’s credibility.

After the website was up and running, the next item on the list was to register it as a company. So, on July 19th, 2017, 71 Republic was filed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) under Maryland Corporate Law.

Today, 71 Republic employs nearly 40 people. The company has writers from over a dozen states and three countries, each with a burning passion to share their opinion with the world, as well as to provide hard-hitting news directly to your phone or computer.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer – Matthew Geiger

Matthew Geiger, a high school student from Maryland, is the Chairman of the Carroll County Libertarian Committee, and the National Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Youth Caucus. Additionally, he consults and assists in the management of political campaigns across his region.

You can contact Matthew by emailing him at

Chief Operations Officer – Mason Mohon

Mason Mohon is the Director of Content, Chief Operations Officer, Editor in Chief, and a founding member of 71 Republic. He is also a high school policy and congressional debater from Austin, Texas.

Inspired by Ron Paul, Mason is a staunch Libertarian and loves to keep up with American politics. When it comes to economics, Mason adheres the Austrian School and enjoys reading the works of Ludwig von Mises. Being religious, he also enjoys finding the connections between Christianity and the rights of the individual.

Mason is a book junkie and is always looking for additions to his own personal library. If anyone ever needs to contact him, email him at

Chief Marketing Officer – Gavin Ganey

Gavin Ganey runs the marketing department of 71 Republic and supervises the social media wing of the company. He’s also a high school student that Co-Hosts the Union Tribune’s Community Spotlight Radio Show, and participates in other community outreach campaign’s such as hosting his school’s “Passion Talk Speaker Series” When not running those outreach projects, Gavin will be found running his school’s blood drive, or attending his local city council meetings.

You can contact Gavin at

Chief Human Resources Officer – Chad Leo

Chad Leo is an outspoken leader, representative, changemaker, and business executive. Born and raised in Calvert County, Maryland, Chad knows what it’s like to be the minority. Chad knows what it’s like to speak up even when everyone else doesn’t agree, and Chad knows what it’s like to be ignored.

The current Deputy Director of Operations for the Maryland Association of Student Councils, Advocacy Coordinator for Youth Caucus of America, and Chief Operating Officer of the New Vision Organization, Chad is passionate about fighting to ensure that the youth voice is heard, our future is secure, and that our leaders are held accountable for their actions.

Chad is a student at Patuxent High School in Lusby, MD where he plays an active role in community service, Academy of Finance, the Calvert County Citizens Advisory Council, student senate, Criminal Justice, and the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy, a program sponsored by the chicken powerhouse that strives to serve the community around it. Chad maintains an active status on the honor roll and will finish high school as a triple-completer.

Chad also played an active part in the 2016 presidential election and volunteered for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary — making a proud Democrat at 71 Republic.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller. Chad believes at the backbone of any successful company is a motivated and dedicated workforce, and with a little bit of magic, Chad looks forward to cultivating that atmosphere and adding to the success rate at 71 Republic.

Chad is the current Chief Human Resources Officer of 71 Republic. His email address is





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