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71 Republic was born out of the minds of three teens in the summer of 2016. Originally meant to be a news blog, the vision quickly changed, with plans to be a YouTube podcast. However, none of this was ever realized, as soon after the 2016 Presidential Election, interest in the idea faded.

In early 2017, however, one of the original three teens (Mason Mohon) decided to revive the project. Mason reached out to Matthew Geiger, who was one of the original three founders and brought him back on board. With two out of the original three founders back together, they were ready to roll. This time, however, the idea was to create a news website. The site was to be centered around the propagation of open and free opinions, as well as unbiased reports of the news.

From January to May, the two would have conference calls every Tuesday and Thursday, for two hours each, meticulously planning the site’s creation. In addition, the duo raised over 500 dollars to pay for the start-up costs.

As time went on, the vision broadened, and the plan was for 71 Republic to be more than just a website, but a company.

Mason and Matthew, joined by other supporters of the project, using the money previously raised, designed the site. In addition, they invited three prevalent politicians to participate in a live stream video on June 10th, 2017, that would signify the site’s launch.

Launch day came and went, and the two (accompanied by friends and other politically involved youth) went hard at work, writing articles each and every day, slowly but surely increasing the viewership of the website. In the process of doing so, the new website was able to land an exclusive interview with a New Hampshire State Representative, who was switching his political affiliation. Not only did the 71 Republic team interview him, but they were the first news outlet to report the story, adding to the fledging site’s credibility.

After the website was up and running, the next item on the list was to register it as a company. So, on July 19th, 2017, 71 Republic was filed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) under Maryland Corporate Law.

Today, 71 Republic employs nearly 40 people. The company has writers from over a dozen states and three countries, each with a burning passion to share their opinion with the world, as well as to provide hard-hitting news directly to your phone or computer.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer – Matthew Geiger

Matthew Geiger is a High School student from Maryland. He has taken numerous roles in the liberty movement, including many leadership roles in the Libertarian Youth Caucus, one of the nation’s leading libertarian youth organizations. Additionally, Matthew runs a political consulting firm, GeigerGreen, LLC.

You can contact Matthew by emailing him at

Chief Operations Officer – Mason Mohon

Mason Mohon is the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Content at 71 Republic. A native-born Texan, he is on his High School varsity debate team and has competed at the state and local level.

Mason’s work has been shared by Jordan Peterson and many other individuals within the liberty movement. His work covers cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, and libertarianism. Influenced by Ron Paul, Jordan Peterson, and Murray Rothbard, he constantly works to better both himself and the world around him.

Contact Mason at

Chief Financial Officer – Andrew Zirkle

Andrew Zirkle is the CFO and a reporter for 71 Republic. He has lived in North Carolina, Colorado, and he currently resides in Maryland. He is a member of the Maryland Libertarian Party.

He founded the student education group, American Government Simulation. Andrew is a elections enthusiast and is also very interested in the workings of the economy. He takes inspiration from Milton Friedman and Murray Rothbard.

Andrew can be contacted at

Editor-in-Chief – Ryan Lau

Ryan Lau is currently a high school senior in the state of Connecticut. He is a staunch anarchist and agorist, believing that peaceful disobedience and counter-economics are the most effective means of ending the destructive actions of government. The works of Samuel Konkin, Ludwig von Mises, and Leo Tolstoy have influenced his beliefs.IMG_20170809_104129227

Ryan is the treasurer of his school’s debate team and guided his team to a tournament victory and undefeated season. He has also been on school teams for baseball, soccer, and golf, though now is individually involved in distance running and skiing. Last fall, Ryan completed his second marathon. He is currently training for back to back marathons in October, as well as the JFK 50-mile race in November.

Furthermore, he is very musically inclined, playing the piano, clarinet, and alto saxophone in his school’s concert, marching, and jazz bands. Last May, he performed the piano solo of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” with the New Haven Symphony Orchestra at the Bushnell Theater.

Looking forward, Ryan plans on attending the University of Vermont in the coming fall. Though he has not yet declared a major, political science and music are two areas of interest and may become his respective major and minor.

Chief Contributor – Spencer Kellogg

Spencer Kellogg is the Chief Contributor at 71 Republic. He is a passionate defender of natural law & the constitution. He was an early adopter of cryptocurrency and advocates expanding our second & tenth amendment rights. He is a Christian and believes in a finite separation of church and state. His work has covered blockchain technology, drug & finance policy, libertarian party politics, gun rights, archaeology, film theory & freedom activism.

In his short career as an essayist, his pieces have been shared by Lew Rockwell, Glenn Beck, Austin Petersen, The Hunter S. Thompson Foundation, Reason & The Republican Liberty Caucus.
You can follow him on Twitter @TheNewTreasury




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