Category: Economy

The “CryptoRuble” is Born

Russia will begin to issue its own cryptocurrency.

OPINION: Trump Needs to Stop, from a Trump Supporter

A Trump supporter's opinion regarding where Trump is succeeding and where he's lacking.

Climate Change and the Plight of Modern Science

The long-held principles of a scientific world are being questioned and will shake our modern society to its core.

Foresight? Who needs it?

An exploration into the relationship of the entrepreneur and the phenomenon of time preference

These 10 Places Could Become the World’s Next Countries

A list of 10 areas which may soon be sovereign states.

Yes, Bitcoin Is A Bubble

Bitcoin Investor Max Bibeau provides an in depth analysis of the "Bitcoin bubble."

North Korea is mining Bitcoin. So what?

The solution to North Korea's sanction circumvention is not in the hands of big government.

The Illegal War on Drugs

The regulation of controlled substances within state boundaries is well outside the realm of federal authority

Socialism Will Never Work

Fair is not a natural process.

frank. — To Be Frank, An Excellent Phone

The frank. phone is a new alternative looking to take on the big phone markets of Google, Samsung and Apple.