12 Killed & 42 Wounded In IS Attack On Iranian Parliament

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for two attacks in the heart of Iran


By James Lakin | IRAN

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for two attacks in the heart of Iran. Gunmen and suicide bombers attacked both the Iranian parliament building and the tomb of Iran’s revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. This marks the first time that Sunni radicals have attacked the Shi’ite majority in the country of Iran.

Iranian forces attempting to retake building.


These were two separated, yet orchestrated, attacks againsg the Shi’ite majority. Gunmen entered the buildings dressed as women and detonated themselves. For this reason one witness stated that she thought the suicide bomber was a women when he was, in fact, male. This attack could give the IS new leverage over their rival, Al Queda, in the region. It both proves the success that they posessed, as Al Queda has never succeeded in such an attack and will likely lead to more attacks and counteroffensive attacks. If attacks do substantiate this bombing could be the beginning of a war between Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims.

Iran issued a statement that said in part that Saudi Arabia was to blame. Although they did not allege direct Saudi involvement, they said that it was “meaningful” that these attacks took place after President Trump’s support of Riyadh. Moreover, they stated that Saudi Arabia “constantly supports” many terrorist organizations like ┬áthe IS and Al Queda. The Iranian government also stated that “the spilled blood of the innocent will not remain unevevenged.” This appears to be a threat directly aimed at both Saudi Arabia and the IS.

What Is IS

IS is the Islamic State. Nemesis to Al Queda, the Islamic State is also known as ISIS and its Arabic name, Daesh. It is an unrecognized proto-state founded under the doctrine of Saudi propogated Wahhabi Islam. It is designated as a terrorist organiation by the UN, United States, UK, and many other countries. They are best known for their gruesome videos of beheadings and are notoriously violent.


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