Congressman Steve Scalise Shot at GOP Congressional Baseball Practice, Among 5

Updated 10:41 AM

By Mason Mohon | VIRGINIA

On Wednesday, June 14th, Representative Steve Scalise has been shot, along with 4 others, which included 2 members of Scalise’s protective police detail. The police confirmed this, stating that two out of the five were wounded critically. The assailant opened fire at a Republican congressional baseball team practice early Wednesday morning.

Representative Scalise was shot in the hip while standing on second base, and he collapsed as the shots continued to come from behind a chain link fence near the third-base dugout. Witnesses reveal that Scalise army crawled into the taller grass as the shooting continued.

“There was so much gunfire, you couldn’t get up and run. Pop, pop, pop, pop — it’s a sound I’ll never forget.” – Representative Mike Bishop, Republican Congressman of Michigan

The shooter has been identified by police as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, from nearby St. Louis Illinois. He was wounded and taken into custody after exchanging fire with local police and the Capitol Police security detail. The F.B.I. is taking the lead in the investigation into the shooting and the attacker’s motives.

President Trump has now stated that the gunman in the shooting has died.


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