North Korea Releases American College Student After a Year in a Coma

By Max Bibeau | USA

North Korea has released an American college student, Otto Warmbier from their custody, and is flying him back to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in the United States. Warmbier has been in a coma due to a rare and severe case of food poisoning since March 2016 according to his parents. The cause of the coma is unconfirmed and is only backed by the words of North Korea.

Warmbier, a student of the University of Virginia, was touring North Korea and was detained at the airport before his flight home in January of 2016. His detention was due to alleged footage showing Warmbier tearing down political propaganda near his hotel. The trial was brief, and the punishment severe: 15 years of arduous physical labor. After his trial, Warmbier was not seen again.

In recent weeks, North Korea was put under pressure to release the student. Once officials were given access to see him, the country informed United States Envoy Joe Yun of the prisoner’s condition. The country claimed that Warmbier fell into a coma after taking a sleeping pill. These reports are unconfirmed, and the United States has not yet accepted the North Korean account of events.


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