Saudi Weapon Block Fails in Senate

Tuesday on the Senate floor Senator Rand Paul submitted a resolution to stop all arms trades with Saudi Arabia


By Griffen Smith | WASHINGTON

Tuesday on the Senate floor Senator Rand Paul submitted a resolution to stop all arms trades with Saudi Arabia. He said “today is an auspicious day, because we will be talking about war and peace.” In an almost empty Senate, the senator from Kentucky pointed out the weapons we sell to the Saudi’s, how they use it against Yemen, and how it’s a humanitarian crisis worse than Syria.

He explained how the current disastrous situation in Yemen saying, “17 million people live on the edge of starvation… What people are saying about it is that the humanitarian crisis in Yemen maybe then in Syria. Let me repeat that because nobody in America is listening to this. Everybody is paying attention to some silly show trials and silly stuff going on in committees, no one is talking about this at all.” He added after the fact that a famine in Yemen could be of “biblical proportions.” He added that Saudi Arabia increasing weapons would cause Iran to increase as well.


He later rejected fellow  Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and other supporters of the arms deal argument that selling precise missiles to Saudi Arabia would mean less civilian death. He explains “you think they accidentally bombed a funeral procession?” Implying that Saudi Arabia attacks civilian targets. He added that 125 people were killed in that particular attack, all innocent men, women, and children. After more research into the issue, a report from Amnesty International in 2015 found evidence of the Saudi’s killing innocent civilians on purpose.  They found Around 35,000 people have been killed or injured in less than a year already in this conflict and more than 2.5 million people have lost their homes. Multiple reports of hospitals, weddings, and schools have been reported.

We need to realize we are a part of it Paul said about the Yemen crisis and begged others to join his cause. Though Paul originally submitted this as a “symbolic” way to get the information out, it did get support from many Senate Democrats. The final vote was 47-52 in favor of keeping the arms deal, with an almost perfect party divide. Though the resolution failed, it hopefully will get the info of our dealings of weapons with Saudi Arabia out to more people

Full video of Paul’s Saudi Arabia Speech

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