India’s New Problem is Also America’s

Pictured: Pranab Mukherjee, President of India

Excessive industrialization has left jobs and workers in the dust in large countries worldwide.


Let’s say you graduate college and get a Master’s Degree. You’re very happy; you landed a stellar job in the IT field. You’ve spent the last eight years in the same stellar company, started a family, and lived very well. Then one day your boss gives you a choice:

A) Get laid off now and receive four months pay or B) work for 60 days and receive only two months of pay. Your boss gives you but a single hour to decide. You think of your family and take the better pay. Now you are a taxi driver and are struggling to get by. This is the life of a man named Madeshwaran Subramani, an ex-IT that worked for Cognizant in India. His story was made public in an article from NPR, and Mr. Subramani’s story gives insight into the new problem India now faces: job outsourcing.

Cognizant, a U.S. based IT company, outsources thousands of jobs each year.

American jobs over the course of 10 years have had some of our jobs outsourced to India, but now Indian jobs are being outsourced to America as well. Who is taking over these jobs, one might ask? The rapid and uncontrolled growth of technology has caused the reallocation of labor and resources; labor can be found incredibly cheap if outsourced.

Americans outsourcing to India happened because businesses wanted to create more profit and cut down of one of their biggest expenses: workers. India had workers that could be paid less and so outsourcing began. From a business perspective, paying a worker pennies on a minimum wage is much more efficient than paying them $7.25 an hour. The same businesses, still wanting more profit, are replacing Indian human workers with machines that are cheaper to run than paying a human worker. Some businesses in America also skipped the middleman and went straight into machines.

Technologies that are replacing humans are the new developments of Cloud Computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Data Analytics. This technology has outsourced 20,000 jobs in India in this year only. America loses roughly 294,000 jobs a year to new technological developments.

Obviously, some jobs are made back, but not as rapidly as both America and India are losing them. There is no clear solution to save jobs in either country. President Trump’s administration has failed to address the glaring problem of the rural working class not being prepared for what can almost be considered a second Industrial Revolution; with machines and cheap labor taking over many jobs, hundreds of thousands of working class citizens are being left in the dust.

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