iOS 11 Review: Top 3 New Features To Expect

By Maxwell Hessling | TECH

iOS 11 is coming soon to an iPhone near you. The iPhone’s new operating system was unveiled and demoed in front of a massive audience at the 2017 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. I’ve listed the top three new features to expect below:

1. Do Not Disturb while Driving.

This feature is one of my favorites. “Do not Disturb while driving” helps distracted drivers focus more on the road and less on their phone. The feature will prevent all calls, texts, and notifications from being displayed to the driver. The service will also notify others trying to reach you that you’re currently driving and cannot get to the phone.

2. Updated Maps.

Maps have been reinvented to show speed limits and lane guidance when using its navigational features. It also shows indoor maps of the area when you’re in a mall or at an airport.

3. Upgraded Control Center.

Ever want to remove or add features from the Control Center? With iOS 11, now you can! Some of the new features available to add to the control center include Voice Memos, Low Power Mode, Home Controls, Do Not Disturb While Driving and an all-new feature that lets you record your screen.


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Maxwell Hessling is the Co-Founder and CFO of 71 Republic. 


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