Trump reveals he has no tapes of Comey

By Griffen Smith | WASHINGTON

President Trump released a statement Friday saying that he actually didn’t tape former FBI director James Comey.

In this statement with Fox News, Trump said he tweeted the possibility of tapes to “keep [Comey] honest.”  Though he said he doesn’t have any tapes, he still left it as a possibility that others do and even hinted the Obama administration may still have recording devices in the Oval Office. Trump added that his story of the events that led to the firing of director Comey never changed, but he did with the mentioning of tapes.

James Comey, on the other hand, told the intelligence committee that “Lordy I hope there are tapes”. That doesn’t exactly sound like someone who’s afraid of the truth getting out. Furthermore, it is unclear that anyone’s story has changed to the slightest since the FBI director was fired back in May.

Trump then moved to shed light on special counsel Robert Muller and how it is “bothersome” that he’s close to James Comey. In addition to Comey’s relationship with Muller, he was also uncomfortable with the people who have been hired to investigate him. He stated “I can say the people that have been hired are Hillary Clinton supporters, some of whom worked for Hillary Clinton, the whole thing is ridiculous if you want to know the truth from that standpoint.” It is unknown if Muller actually has a case against the president.


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