Supreme Court Gives Trump Travel Ban New Life

By Griffen Smith | WASHINGTON

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court announced a partial revival of the Trump travel ban after it was blocked by several lower courts.

Almost all aspects of the ban are to be set back in place. The 6 Muslim-majority countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen still are not allowed access (Iraq was taken out in the second revision). Furthermore, the clause on visas is enacted, which simply states that if you don’t have family in America or any connection to the US then you cannot have access to a Visa.

Though many people call this a major win for the Trump administration, it’s not over yet. The Supreme Court has also scheduled oral arguments on the ban in October, this is where the lower courts have a chance to once again block what they call the “Muslim Ban.” Until then, people coming from these “dangerous” countries will have a hard time obtaining visas.


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