Hong Kong’s Dream For Democracy is Crushed

By Austin Cherkas | HONG KONG

China is a large country with a whopping 3.705 million miles in area. This is due to its imperial land-grabbing of small territories like Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. All three of these territories of China are protesting their autonomy or independence, and on June 28, 2017, Hong Kong Protesters were arrested for preaching democracy.

On July 1, 1997, the United Kingdom gave the territory of Hong Kong to China. This marked the end of the English imperial age and marked the beginning of something else–the desire of freedom. On Wednesday, activists for a free Hong Kong gathered at the Handover Golden Statue to express their demand for “full democracy”. This isn’t a call for complete separation, but rather a call to be represented and to have an independent system from the rest of mainland China.

The anniversary of the handover, there’s nothing left to be celebrated, but the reducing implementations of one country, two systems and to urge Beijing government to grant Hong Kong democracy. ~ Joshua Wong, Student Leader

Videos from the protests show many activists and leaders of the Pro-Democracy Hong Kong movement getting arrested. 

As China keeps growing in size, more parts of the country call for separation or autonomy. What can people outside of Hong Kong do? Should they let the situation go on without any interference? Should outsiders support the Chinese desire to unify their land? Should outsiders help the protesters gain more traction internationally? Whatever the role we should have in Hong Kong might be, we must fully understand that not all territories of China want to be independent, some just want more representation or more autonomy.

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