Historic: Minnesota Lifts Sunday Liquor Ban

By Austin Cherkas | Minnesota

History is very important. We learn from it and we teach it. What is more important than understanding history is to make history–and Minnesota just had a historic day on July 2, 2017. Alcohol can be sold on Sundays. As America’s independence day rolls up, Minnesota is celebrating its independence from traditional values.

Minnesota entered the Union as the 32nd state on May 11, 1858, and almost immediately established a ban on alcohol purchases on Sunday. The reason for a specifically Sunday ban comes from religion, Christianity. In the Christian faith, Sunday is a day of rest, which plays into banning liquor stores. The early people of Minnesota believed that people who drink on “the lord’s day” were up to no good and established moral/religious laws to counteract such misdeeds. What happened in return is that many went outside of the state or bent the rules in order to drink on Sundays.

Early March of 2017 showed some good bipartisan feelings. Both the State House of Representatives and the State Senate swiftly passed the legalization of liquor sales on Sundays. Governor Mark Dayton (D) signed the bill with little to no hesitation.

Minnesota became the 39th state to join a more free society, on July 2, 2017, they began selling liquor. Many Minnesotans were excited and anyone outside on that hot day could see the masses of happy people entering the liquor store for the first time on a Sunday. Some stores had tents set up and gave away free food and liquor samples.

In an interview with Gary, owner of Rogers Wine & Spirits said, “People are very excited to buy today, though I’m not sure if it will continue to be like this every Sunday”. When asked about any predictions on any business numbers, Gary responded with, “I can’t really give accurate information at this time, what I can say is that people are buying in bulk today and that isn’t a normal trend. I have talked to store owners in Colorado and they say that Sunday sales are lower than any other weekday”.

A new step into a less traditional, the freer market might be a starting step for Minnesota. Legalizing liquor sales on Sunday might only be the beginning of more action to free markets and to deregulate businesses on social issues. One thing we can really see now, however, is a raised glass and a toast to better days!


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