NExit: “We Have What it Takes to Secede”


Since the founding of our nation, many groups and confederations (most notably the Confederate States of America leading up to and during the Civil War) have sought to break free from the reins of the federal government. Some have been peaceful, whereas others resorted to violence, but all hoped to secure their independence and start a new nation. All attempts have failed. However, a new, rising group originating in New England believes that they have what it takes in order to grow into the first successful secessionist group in America.

The organization, formally known as the New England Independence Movement (colloquially as “Newexit” or “NExit”) agreed to an exclusive interview with me on Thursday, with the owner of the official NExit Instagram account (@nexitofficial) speaking on behalf of the movement.

A key point brought up during the interview was the fact that though NExit does support a reduction in government size as a whole, they do not adopt any particular ideology thus far. This, according to the spokesman, is an intentional move done in order to attract more individuals to the movement in an era of political isolation.

“We are simply disappointed by the government’s overall lack of respect for our rights, from both parties,” the spokesman declared. “In fact, we were created in 2014 when Obama was in office and still exist today with Trump, who is his opposite.”

The lack of strong partisan control in the NExit movement has proven to be successful in recruiting members across the political spectrum. As of now, the movement has members and supporters who identify as conservative, liberal, libertarian, left, right, and many more labels.

Despite these apparent differences, all share a sense of New England pride and believe that a nation comprised of just the six New England states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine) would better protect their rights.

>So why, exactly does NExit feel this way? Its members and supporters have cited numerous specific examples of government overreach that they vehemently oppose.

“The needless futility of the drug war could be further prevented with our Independence,” stated a Connecticut supporter, who wishes to remain anonymous. “You know, our states are already leaps and bounds ahead of most of the rest of the country in legalizing and decriminalizing drugs. With our own country, we wouldn’t have to worry about violating federal law, and instead could write laws that represent us as a region, laws that protect our liberty.” The aforementioned NExit spokesman also cited the PATRIOT act, continuous involvement in foreign wars, and the criminalization of certain firearms as further oppressive actions by the federal government that the new nation would seek not to adopt.

Despite prior failures of similar secession movements, the spokesman sounded optimistic about the organization’s chances of success. When asked what differentiated NExit from other secession movements, he responded that “some other movements rush to the point, such as the CSA, which simply declared war.”

The spokesman noted that “[NExit is] a peaceful movement, and will try to do everything lawfully and diplomatically.” As states do have a right to secede from the union, the movement has stated that they will seek the consent of each New England state, in order to accomplish their goal peacefully.


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