Fixing Feminism Part 1: The Lies

With Progressivism in a commonplace within American politics, it is difficult for one to ignore the Women’s equality movement known as Feminism


By Sam Loose | USA

With Progressivism in a commonplace within American politics, it is difficult for one to ignore the Women’s equality movement known as Feminism. But while the media is dominated by “feminists.” the general public is not. Only twenty-three percent of women identify as feminists while over eighty-two percent believe in equality between the sexes. But why is there such a disparity between the two numbers? Feminism is all about gender equality right? Well not really. The way I see it we have two options, continue the awkward limbo of pretending that mainstream feminism isn’t mainstream feminism, or accepting what feminism has regressed into and fixing it. In the interest of women’s rights, I am for the second option.

In my opinion, one of the biggest turn offs to modern feminism are the lies, such as the “wage gap” and falsified rape statistics. While both of these have been invariably debunked, feminists still use these myths as a justification as to why feminism is necessary.

The modern feminist movement is a propaganda movement, for example, the “wage gap” is presented as such, a wage gap, when in reality it is an earnings gap. The statistic is presented to the world in the context that if you were to compare the salaries of a man and woman with the exact same qualifications, experience, education, and job, you would find that the woman only earned seventy-five cents to every dollar earned by the man. Not one part of this is true, the so-called “wage gap” is merely a comparison of the average salary of men and women and when job, education, work hours, etc. the disparity all but disappears.

Furthermore, another cornerstone of the feminist movement is based on the lie that “anywhere from one in five to one in three women will be the victim of rape in their lifetime.” But yet again, not one of these three statistics are true. According to the FBI in the year 2015, there was a total of 96,303 known rapes translating to 37.5 out of 100,000 Americans or one in twenty-five hundred. While unacceptable it is nowhere near the one in three, four, or five statistics derived from poorly conducted and inaccurate survey, whose own researchers admitted was not reputable or indicative of a national rate.

However, in the case of rape, the lies are not solely based on false statistics, no, even tactics such as data manipulation are employed to recruit women to the cause. Looking at Buzzfeed’s “14 Reasons We All Need Feminism” we find the claim that “in the United States a woman is raped every six seconds. After a very brief examination of the cited source, we find the statistic is, in fact, every six minutes, far off from the claimed rate. There is the unlikely chance that this was a simple mistake, saying little about the writer or the buzz feed editing staff, or, on the other hand there is the much more likely chance that the data was intentionally manipulated, with the hopes that no reader would check, leading them to believe women are victims.

And this is why the lies enrage me, Feminism is no longer empowering women, instead, it teaches women that they are victims, it teaches women that bad stuff will be brought upon them because they are women. It teaches women that they are weak and will let society tear them apart. It teaches women that they are too weak to fight back. And for this reason, I believe lies are the main threat facing women and the removal of such from the movement is the first step to recovery.

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