Why America is and Always Has Been Great

By Sam Loose | USA

Today, July Fourth, 2017, marks the 241st anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. On this great day in 1776, following 442 days of the war with the crown, the thirteen colonies formally renounced their dependence, creating the United States of America. But while this date will always emanate through history, many despise this day and despise the United States. But while some may say America was never good, I am here to say that while she may have her faults, the United States of America is and always has been great.

Biased I may be but I truly believe the United States has the richest history of any now standing nation. With liberty in her blood, the United States was born of tyranny, freedom in both a personal and economic sense in the colonies. But with rebellion in their spirit, the colonists fought for what was right, fighting against the crown. While the odds were daunting, the colonists came out on top, a scrappy army of ill equipped and ill trained freedom fighters came out on top against the worlds most powerful military. But the ability to overcome unpromising odds continues through American history, whether it be surviving wars with superpowers, economic collapse, internal collapse, civil war,  two world wars, a cold war, winning the space race, and becoming the strongest economic powerhouse of any nation on earth. But while America does have dark spots, some very dark spots in its history, whether it be slavery, the great depression, civil rights, and unjust wars, the United States has always prevailed, righting her wrongs, learning from her mistakes, and that is what makes me confident that our future will be as great as our past.

But my love for the United States is not entirely based on the accomplishments I had no part in, rather I love this country for the very principles it was founded on. Born solely opposed to tyranny the United States quickly became a classical liberal/libertarian paradise. The United States is among one of the few nations on earth where principles such as freedom of speech, of religion, of protest, of bearing arms, and of privacy are not only facets of daily life but are constitutionally protected and God-given rights. While other nations do have these freedoms, they do not enjoy them, for example even in free democracies such as Canada, one can still find them selves in jail or fined simply for vibrating their vocal chords. The United States has always been the great experiment, always pioneering in freedom, being the first to apply the principles of Adam Smith, John Locke, Voltaire, and Thomas Hobbes.

While America may not be the same nation she once was she still leads the world in immigration, GDP, medical breakthroughs, equality, income, innovation, and so much more. To me, that is what earns the title of great because that is what tells me that America is still viewed as that glimmer of hope to the rest of the world. The very fact that we still experience four times the immigration of any other nation, the fact that the bottom can still rise to the top, the fact that I am able to write this article without fear is what proves to me that the American Dream is live and well and that America is and always has been great.


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