Fixing Feminism Part 2: The Media

By Sam Loose | USA

With Progressivism in a commonplace within American politics, it is difficult for one to ignore the Women’s equality movement known as Feminism. But while the media is dominated by “feminists.” the general public is not. Only twenty-three percent of women identify as feminists while over eighty-two percent believe in equality between the sexes. But why is there such a disparity between the two numbers? Feminism is all about gender equality right? Well not really. The way I see it we have two options, continue the awkward limbo of pretending that mainstream feminism isn’t mainstream feminism, or accepting what feminism has regressed into and fixing it. In the interest of women’s rights, I am for the second option.

I woke up this morning not knowing which part of feminism to address, whether it be ideological diversity, intersectionality, etc. But after a conversation with some of my coworkers about BBC’s announcement that the thirteenth doctor on “Doctor Who” will be a woman, I came to the realization that the perfect part of feminism to critique this week is the feminist dominated media.

A brief conversation with my coworkers lead us to the consensus that it is not the fact that it is not the fact that the doctor will be a woman that we have a problem with, rather it is that it feels forced, the announcement felt more like a social development instead of a character development. Not one of us had a problem with the Doctor being a woman, Michelle Gomez did a fantastic job as the Master, but rather than covering how she will improve the character and what she brings to the table, the media has focused mostly on how Jodie Whittaker is a strong feminist, how much it matters that the new doctor is a woman, and how anti-woman the industry is. I could really careless that the character is a woman, I would like to be able to see the thirteenth doctor as a character not a symbol of feminism.

But this forced diversity is not exclusive to Doctor Who, it is omnipresent throughout the industry and it is ruining it for all of us. For example, the recreation of Ghost busters featuring an all female cast including Leslie Jones and Amy Schumer. For those of you who did not have to endure the film, none of the chemistry, none of the antics of the first movie, but instead was filled with Amy Schumer’s repetitive comedy, vagina and slut jokes, and feminist banter. To me, it is no surprise that Google users rated the film at only 49% a bit more than half of the original 1984 films 97%. But that statistic is not repeated in the media, in fact, those who criticized the film were labeled “bigots.” The same label was applied to those who critics of Amy Schumer’s Netflix comedy special where she did not go more than two minutes without making a joke about her being “a disgusting slut.”

It is this trend in the media that is contributing to the fall of feminism. Women don’t need to know that every actress is strong, beautiful, etc, women need to see women in roles that fit them.


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