Mark Zuckerberg for President 2020?

By Jake Melkun | USA

Recently, Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg toured all over the United States as one of his New Year’s Resolutions. Some of his previous resolutions have included learning new languages and running more often. But this trip has been speculated by many to not be his only resolution that includes running. People have said that this trip was not just “for fun” and he took part on the journey to gain information for his possible presidential campaign.

Mark Zuckerberg has been known to be a big proponent of globalization and technologization. If Zuckerberg were to run for president in 2020, he would very likely run as a Democrat, as he is known to be a very big leftist. He was rated as the 10th most powerful person by Forbes. He also donates the majority of his wealth to charities and programs that “advance human potential and promotes equality”.

Many Democrats upset with the results of the 2016 Presidential Election have turned to Mark Zuckerberg as a possible contender to take down Donald Trump in 2020. Should Zuckerberg actually run, and win the primaries, he may actually have a decent chance at the presidency. According to the Daily Mail, a poll showed that a hypothetical matchup between Zuckerberg and The Donald would result in a deadlocked tie, with each getting 40% of the vote. Could a run by Mark Zuckerberg take down Trump from the presidency?

To all of the Trump supporters out there, there is no need to worry yet, as a Mark Zuckerberg presidency is very unlikely. First of all, Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that the tour has nothing to do with any political aspirations. He hasn’t publicly stated that he has any, either. He also would have a hard time getting through the primaries, with it being possible that more progressive or even socialist candidates would get more attention due to even more millennials becoming eligible to vote in that election.

Polling isn’t always reliable, either. Remember in the 2016 election, where all of the polls went for Hillary? Very few people actually take part in polling, especially compared to a number of people that actually vote in the elections. The 2020 elections are far away, candidates won’t even be announced for another two years from now. Things can change, and if Trump continues with keeping his promises, he’ll most likely be elected on for a second term.

Mark Zuckerberg does have a chance, though. As an older millennial himself, he would be able to capture a lot of the younger vote as he grew up in the same era as many of the younger voting bloc. He would also be likely to garner some support from Facebook. Over 2 billion people are on the platform and would gain support from that. His relation to the growing technology world would help out as well. While Zuckerberg would have a shot at the presidency, his lack of interest, getting through the primaries, and Trump being the biggest obstacles to the oval office would likely put him out of contention.


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  1. Mark Zukerberg is a wonderful person, he built his wealth on helping people worldwide.. Noone better would know the ways things work than Zukerberg… I hope he would consider…

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