Our Welfare State Needs Reform

Our welfare system is stricken with problems, and is in dire need of an overhaul.


By Jake Melkun | USA

Our government is abusing their power by stealing the taxpayers’ money and redistributing it to people who refuse to work. People go onto welfare programs only expecting to be on there for a short amount of time, they get used to it, and get the idea in their heads that they can live off of it, without the need to work for anything. But honestly, why would they want to get a job? In Hawaii, people on unemployment get paid over $60,000 a year, without working for it at all! Admittingly, Hawaii is a very expensive place to live, but in DC and Massachusetts, recipients get paid over $50,000 and in Connecticut, recipients receive just under $45,000 a year. In Hawaii, teachers get paid $19,000 less than welfare recipients. Any logical person would call this ridiculous. But leftists call this a “safety net”.

Welfare in its form today is not a safety net. What welfare currently does is allow people to take advantage of the system, and live for free. Many of these people live in decent homes, are up-to-date with the newest electronics, overweight, and spend a lot of money on unnecessary goods. Many of these people have no work ethic at all and have no desire to get a job or contribute to our society.

But why would they want to get a job? These people get paid living salaries, with no need to get a job (there is a two-year limit on full welfare, but you can still receive government aid if you have a job, in which many people use a loophole of getting a job, quitting, going back onto unemployment and then welfare). This also applies to disabled benefits, and other government aid programs, which many people use as loopholes to practically get free money.

What is wrong with people getting money for free? What this does is creates a welfare state. A welfare state is when the government controls many aspects of its citizens’ payments and health. This includes putting poverty and raising wages as a top priority. More regulation and redistribution makes it harder for proponents of the welfare state to achieve those goals. Time and time again, the free market has always prevailed over restrictions and regulations on the market. The welfare system needs to be reformed, in the way of saving taxpayers money and government wasting less of our hard-earned dollars.

How would welfare be reformed? It would be abolished in its current form. A phase-out would take place over a short period of time allowing people to work on getting a job and not be cut off immediately.

In 2011, the combined federal budget towards welfare programs totaled approximately 1.03 trillion dollars. Instead, this money would be much better spent on adult schools or training centers that would help these individuals learn to contribute to our society and get a job. After leaving these schools, they would be forced to get a job that can help lead them towards a career. Apprenticeships would also be a viable option, where former recipients would learn how to do a job first-hand.

“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach him how to fish, he eats for a lifetime”. This quote applies to this issue. When the government gives people free handouts, recipients gain no knowledge, and become reliant on the government, called a welfare state. Instead, if people are encouraged to get jobs, and taught how to do so, they will eat for a lifetime.


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