19-Year-Old Tennessee Resident Files Lawsuit Against Cops Who Repeatedly Stunned Him While Restrained

Max Bibeau | TENNESSEE

Jordan Norris, a 19-year-old Tennessee resident has filed a lawsuit against three Cheatham County deputies, for deprivation of civil rights, citing the use of excessive force as the primary reason.

Norris was arrested and held in Cheatham County Jail in November of 2016, for charges of manufacturing/possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, minor theft, and 5 counts of possession of a prohibited weapon. While Norris was held in prison, he claims that he was repeatedly abused by the deputies.

The lawsuit claims that while he was in prison, he was stunned with a taser countless times, often while restrained in a chair. Many of the disturbing and shocking incidents were recorded by both an overhead video camera, and a camera on the tasing device itself. Norris received over 40 taser burns, many of which are not accounted for by authorities, leading some to believe he was stunned on other occasions as well, likely without justification.

According to Use of Force Reports filed by the deputies, Norris was first stunned when it was believed he was going to get into a fight with another inmate. Norris was then placed in a restraint chair and stunned with a taser for almost 3 hours. Authorities described him as “combative,” as he continually yelled about wanting to kill himself, or wanting to be shot. Norris was then stunned more in an attempt to move him into a transport vehicle to take him to a hospital. A third Use of Force Report says that he was stunned even more to directly get him in the car. The lawsuit only focuses on the incidents where Norris was restrained. The suit also claims that while Norris was restrained, one of the deputies said: “I’ll keep on doing that until I run out of batteries.”

You can watch overhead footage of the incident HERE.

WARNING: The video contains graphic content, and should be viewed selectively.




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