Major US Cities Within Range of North Korean Missile Strike

By Max Bibeau | NORTH KOREA

The North Korean government has launched a missile, proving to the world that their threats are not to be taken lightly. The missile was launched on July 28th at 11:00 pm local time, and had an estimated air time of 45 minutes, traveling 2,300 miles in the air, and over 620 miles in distance. The missile landed about 120 miles off the coast of Japan.

Experts say that given the trajectory of the missile, it could be angled differently in order to hit major cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles and Chicago. Kim Jong Un, however, claims that the “whole US mainland” is within range of his weaponry.

The responses to the launch were quick and decisive. United States President Donald Trump condemned the launch, specifying that the US will take “all necessary steps” to ensure the safety of the nation. China, long an ally of North Korea, has also condemned the launches, asking the country to “stop taking actions that would escalate tensions” with the rest of the world. China’s response represents a surprising shift in rhetoric, leaving North Korea open to potential violent response from the rest of the world.

North Korea, however, still has insurance. Greater Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is less than 30 miles from the current border between the countries. North Korea could decimate the population of 25-30 million South Koreans living in the city within minutes of a command being issued. The artillery weapons currently set up could do extreme damage and take millions of lives if any country attempts to take military action against North Korea.




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