Delaney 2020: How One Representative is Challenging Trump Early

The next presidential election is on barely anyone's mind, but that is not the case for John Delaney

By Drew Zirkle | USA

Iowa Caucuses are over 900 days away, but that hasn’t stopped John Delaney, a representative from Maryland’s 6th legislative district, from announcing his official bid for the 2020 Presidential nomination from the Democratic Party. Delaney, a founder of two businesses and representative since 2012, announced his bid in a Washington Post op-ed two days ago.

In his piece, Delaney stressed his blue-collar background, commitment to ending partisan gridlock, and commitment to federal investment in technology and infrastructure Immediately after his announcement, Delaney rolled out a campaign website complete with information about his campaign and an area to donate, but with no completed campaign platform present on the site. Although presidential hopefuls normally announce their presidential aspirations more than a year ahead of the election, there is no documented major candidate that has officially announced earlier than Delaney. Although Delaney had been considered by some pundits to be a good challenger to Larry Hogan for the Maryland governorship, he has not been considered in the 2020 race or in any major predictive polling for the Democratic nomination due to a small national name recognition and a relative inexperience compared to the average presidential candidate.

Although Delaney appears to have all the infrastructure in place to run a long and serious campaign, it remains to be seen whether this early announcement will be able to create name recognition from media attention and to drive up early donations from a frustrated base of Democrats. Although there are currently no challengers facing Delaney except President Trump who is presumed to run for re-election, there is no doubt that he has gotten a step ahead of the rest of the potential field. If you would like to visit Delaney’s campaign website or donate, click here.


Andrew Zirkle has been a reporter for 71Republic since June 2017. He is also a high school political advocate and an economics enthusiast from Mount Airy, Maryland. Andrew enjoys the works and ideas of Friedrich Hayek and Murray Rothbard. Andrew has been a member of the ELCA since March 2015, has been a registered Libertarian since April 2017, and founded and has run the political advocacy group, American Government Simulation, since January 2016. Andrew is also an avid coin collector and European soccer fan. If anyone ever needs to contact him, email him at [email protected]

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