Why New Hampshire Is Becoming The Epicenter of The Liberty Movement


New Hampshire has a fitting state motto: “live free or die.” The liberty focused slogan is a perfect example of the state’s values. New Hampshire is quickly becoming an epicenter for Libertarian Party activity.

Three state representatives have switched to the Libertarian Party in New Hampshire this year alone. Two representatives, Brandon Phinney and Caleb Dyer have come from the Republican Party, and one, Joseph Stallcop, has come from the Democratic Party.

All representatives switched parties because they felt like they were being pressured to vote for policies that they didn’t necessarily agree with. As Rep. Brandon Phinney stated, he didn’t feel like his party’s principles aligned with what he believes is best for America.

Not only does the Libertarian Party have more official representatives in New Hampshire than anywhere else in the USA, the state also has a generally more liberty minded voting block, which is leading to core libertarian policies being passed, such as Cannabis legalization and ending the death penalty.

New Hampshire is currently the leading libertarian state, due to their freedom loving voters, and their politicians who are getting tired of being forced to push beliefs that they don’t agree with. Other states are also leaning towards liberty as well, but none yet compare with New Hampshire.


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  1. Hi max. I liked you article and while it’s true New Hampshire has a Libertarian streak that’s not the only reason for what we are seeing with the LP. I used to live in New Hampshire and the lack of sales and income tax is engrained and every statewide candidate promises no broad based taxes. It is as much about their state being unique as libertarianism. As for the legislators changing parties it has a lot to do with uncompetetive races. NH has one of the largest state legislatures in the country and they get paid almost nothing. Probably not even enough to cover gas money to concord. It happened back in the 90s too when the LP gained party status. I believe they had a four member Libertarian caucus in the state house.

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