Is Scottish Independence Dead?

Independence has consumed Scottish Politics, which made Scotland different from the rest of the UK during the election

By Josh Kennedy | UK

Following the General Election in the United Kingdom, many are claiming the idea of Scottish Independence is “Dead”. The Scottish National Party, SNP lost twenty-one of their Westminster seats in the election last month leaving them with thirty-five of the fifty-six they once held. Despite being the largest party in Scotland the combined vote of unionist parties outnumbered the SNP significantly.

The Scottish Conservatives who gained twelve seats from the one they previously held argue that Scotland has rejected the idea of a Second Referendum on Independence. The Scottish Secretary David Mundell said that he wished that the First Minister “will take her plan for a divisive second independence referendum off the table and we’ll see the SNP actually coming forward in a constructive way”.

Despite this loss, supporters of independence have argued that the old case is dead, but a new argument has arisen. Statistics also have shown that a significant portion of the Scottish Labor supporters back a referendum. For the time being the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has postponed the second referendum plans after the losses her party suffered. Many believe that a referendum during or just after the finalization of the Brexit deal in two years’ time is highly possible, but at this time it is all speculation.

Independence has consumed Scottish Politics, which made Scotland different from the rest of the UK during the election, whereas the conservatives where losing out to labor down south the Scottish Conservatives made significant gains in Scotland. As well as this Labor and the Liberal Democrats have regained seats which they lost in the 2015 SNP tsunami. The question is, will the SNP continue on a downward spiral? Will Labor make a real comeback in Scotland? Or will the Conservatives take Holyrood for the first time in history? Only time will tell.


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